Rep. Ilhan Omar has decided to jump on the “attack Trump verbally train” set up by the Democratic leadership probably earlier in the week.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer and the rest of the devilish minion have started attacking Trump’s mental capacity, hoping that he will engage them with an angry response or some drawn out response that they can attack even more.

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Omar is just another spoke in the wheel this time. She branded President Trump as “deranged, bizarre, incoherent” and “sad.” She tweeted this out after President Trump defended himself against Democratic Party attacks, referring to himself as a “stable genius.”

I have a question. How did they think he was going to react to them calling him these names? He’s defending himself, and they are attacking him for defending himself.

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“There is nothing ‘stable’ or ‘genius’ about these public rants from a president. Deranged, bizarre, incoherent, sad … come to mind,” Omar wrote on Twitter.

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The level of contempt I have for this ungrateful, arrogant, unworthy interloper has no measure. The fact that she is in the U.S. government and being paid by US taxpayer dollars while being an anti-American is an insult.

It is logical to clean your own house before condemning others. She is far from being a saint herself and in no position to cast aspersions, particularly upon the President.

With all her declarations of antisemitism, calls for impeachment and siding with her fellow Muslim scum in OUR house, I am inclined to believe she knows us deplorables are the infidels her imam warned her about.



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