According to The Daily Wire, Rep. Rashida Tlaib has a secret that just got exposed by her father who accused her of lying about her address via an election affidavit get elected” a 2010 Detroit News article noted.

Harbi Elabed, Tlaib’s father, made the accusations against his daughter, while a freshman state-level representative from the 12th District in Detroit’s Southwest side.

You won’t believe this but the newspaper article was removed/scrubbed from the internet when The Detroit News migrated to a new website, however, it was unearthed through a subscription-based digital archive.

Big League Politics ran a story about this and this is what they found as evidence:

  1. Rashida Tlaib registered to vote at a false address as she embarked on her first political campaign. “Registering to vote using a false address” is one of a number of crimes that fall into the voter fraud category.
  2. Tlaib ran for and represented the 12th district in the Michigan House of Representatives even though she was not a resident of that district.
  3. Records show that Tlaib was an “Absentee Owner” at the Detroit house she claimed to live in.
  4. Tlaib moved to her official Detroit apartment address, which she reported to the FEC after the election, at the start of her 2018 campaign. Her new address was recorded for the first time one day before she announced her campaign for Congress.

Just a few weeks ago, Sen. Kamala Harris’ father scolded her using the family name when speaking about marijuana. These fathers want to keep their family names respectful or so it seems.

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Some may question Tlaib’s father reasonings for making this public. He said that he came forward with the story because of a “growing litany of transgressions that his daughter committed upon him — culminating in a dispute about care of his aged mother, who has dementia.”

He also claims that Tlaib “sided against him and in favor of his nephew in a battle of custody, a complete breach of family values.”

The lawmaker responded:

“It’s not surprising that he did this to me. It’s not. He was abusive to me as a girl and he’s angry at me about my grandmother. I know he’s proud of what I’ve accomplished but he’s also vindictive. It’s all very embarrassing. What do they say, you can’t choose your family?”

It’s true we can’t choose our family, but we choose our elected officials. And her actions to achieve that elected position were deceitful and underhanded.

Tlaib should have to produce the records proving she lived where she says she lived. However abusive her father was or wasn’t when she was a girl has zero to do with verifying her residence. He could certainly be an ogre telling the truth for vindictive reasons, but I think we have something here.

The word Americans should be looking for is “follow-up.”



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