On Sunday, President Trump shocked some of his followers by claiming Special Counselor Robert Mueller shouldn’t testify in front of Congress.

Democrats who originally named a date that Mueller was supposed to testify before Congress are trying to secure a date to bring him in and parts of his team to answer questions regarding the Russian collusion investigation and his report which was given to Attorney General William Barr a few weeks ago.

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Contrary to Democrats belief, Mueller did exactly what he was supposed to do. The only thing unusual was the leaking a note sent to Barr, though it was probably a staff member. The special counselor does not report to Congress except at the Atty General’s request.

So what was the purpose of the Mueller report? Barr told Congressional lawmakers that he set up a room at the Department of Justice so they could read it but they don’t want to check it out. How can the questions protect ongoing investigations? Is everyone going to eat fried chicken?

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I guess the CNN viewers missed the part where a CNN poll said that ZERO voters said Mueller affected how they were going to vote, that is ZERO, not even one out of over 1000 polled.

President Trump on Sunday said special counsel Robert Mueller should not testify on the findings of his probe into Russian election interference, suggesting the move was an attempt by Democrats to renew scrutiny on the White House after the release of Mueller’s long-awaited report.

“After spending more than $35,000,000 over a two year period, interviewing 500 people, using 18 Trump Hating Angry Democrats & 49 FBI Agents – all culminating in a more than 400 page Report showing NO COLLUSION – why would the Democrats in Congress now need Robert Mueller to testify,” Trump said in a pair of tweets.

“Are they looking for a redo because they hated seeing the strong NO COLLUSION conclusion? There was no crime, except on the other side (incredibly not covered in the Report), and NO OBSTRUCTION. Bob Mueller should not testify. No redos for the Dems!”

Do you remember the time, Barack Obama wouldn’t allow those in his administration that served to go before Congress?

Why should Mueller testify? If he is treated as bad by the Democrats as the AG was treated by them, then I’m with the President. The way the Democrats acted toward AG Barr was a disgrace. It seems that if you don’t agree with the Democrats then they go into attack mode and with Mueller coming to the conclusion that Trump committed no crime and the Democrats not wanting to accept that conclusion they will be attacking Mueller.

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I bet not one Democrat lawmaker will question him about the redacted parts of the report. why? Because Mueller will have to answer honestly and say by law those things had to be redacted and Dems cannot afford for the sheep to hear that.

The Democrats will never call Mueller to testify. If they do, it will allow the Republicans to ask him how long he has known that there was no collusion. Apparently, he has known for well over a year.



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