Judge Jeanine Pirro addressed the fake “constitutional crisis” narrative Democrats and the opposition media has been pushing for over a week now.

Pirro blasted both troublemakers for trying to inundate the American people with such foolishness just because the Trump Administration will not go along with this kabuki theater. Democrats want to see the Mueller Report or at least have it brought to them rather than them walking over to the Justice Department and reading it for themselves.

During her “Opening Statement” monologue, Pirro asked if critics were “all stupid” and noted that Congress wasn’t entitled to the report at all.

“Constitutional crisis — how? Because they can’t get the full Mueller report?” she asked. “Are they all stupid? They’ve got 98% of the full report. And I’ve got news for you bozos — you weren’t even entitled to any of it.

The report was written for the attorney general by the special counsel. The attorney general decided to release a four-page conclusion and offered skeptical Democrats a SCIF, a secure facility, to see the whole report.

Not one Democrat wanted to see it. So Attorney General Barr was in the impossible position of violating federal law and releasing 6E grand jury testimony or acquiescing to the demands of the radical looney left.”

If Democrats are truly interested in investigating a Constitutional crisis, which they are not, they would be subpoenaing every person involved with the illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign by the Barack Obama administration and then requesting the DoJ issue indictments.

If we had real checks and balances, Republicans/conservatives would have done their jobs when they took over leadership in the House and Senate but they decided to go with the flow and patience worked in their favor because the truth is more critical for All Americans.

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Real justice was delivered in 2016 when America and her people won the day by electing one of their own and not an establishment puppet. President Trump will prevail over the obstacles and stupidity of all those Democrats, RINO, opposition media because the truth is higher than the slimy lies of Anti Americans.




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