NBC released a poll that will not be quoted within the Bernie Sanders camp for the next couple of weeks.

It seems like the less you pay attention to politics, the less likely you support the “socialist option” as compared to capitalism.

Barr — Mueller’s ‘Obstruction of Justice’ LEGAL Analysis DID NOT REFLECT the View of the DOJ

Voters who vote for socialism are either low information voters or are voters willing to cede their individual freedom to the government in exchange for what they believe is free stuff because they still don’t understand that NOTHING is free, someone pays for it.

When do you think the country should re-open and get back to work?

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I do enjoy watching this sort of infighting. This is why the incumbent is always favored to win; he doesn’t have to deal with the bitterness and rivalry generated in primaries. And I think Trump more than any previous president knows how to utilize and foster it to his advantage.

Bernie lost most of his supporters when he said that mass murdering terrorists like the Boston bombers and the 9/11 terrorists absolutely deserved the right to vote and determine the future of the United States and its people. He is a total communist/terrorist loving nutjob.

Anyone who supports socialism from any candidate is clearly low information. To not know the damage socialism causes to society is the definition of low information, if not outright stupidity. Instead of making decisions that are in their own best interests, they will be forced to accept decisions made for them by politicians and bureaucrats whose primary concern is the continuation of their privileged lifestyles.

AG Barr — I Do Not Believe Obama DOJ Committed Treason Overseeing Start Of 2016 Russia Investigation

I know two Bernie supporters. One of them didn’t know there were two Korea’s and the other genuinely cannot see the problem (but can see multiple benefits) to raising the minimum wage to $30 an hour. Her argument being that because everyone will have much much more money every business would be so much better off the whole economy would be unstoppable.

Bernie is the uninformed person candidate, I’ve always said this. His supporters are nothing but virtue signallers as if Bernie isn’t part of the swamp. Since they are so clueless they think they are supporting an outsider and sticking it to the man. Meanwhile, he is for big government. So yes, they are very dumb people.


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