You can see how leftist TV gets if you start way back in the beginnings of long-running shows and then compare that to today. In almost all cases, the shows become crazy PC leftist propaganda.

NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is used to ripping news from today’s headlines for their weekly show, but this is going too far. A featured episode was eerily similar to what happened to the Covington Catholic Students in Washington, DC earlier this year but with a twist. Instead of a Native American walking up to one of the students and beating a drum close to the young man’s face, this situation had Jewish New York teens wearing MAGA-style hats (turned around but red all the same) confronting an Ilhan Omar-styled character who is portrayed as the victim.

The story saw the Omar character as a “politician” being persecuted and taunted by look-a-like Trump supporters. Excuse me for being blunt, but Jewish teens in NYC wearing MAGA hats and confronting Muslims in public? This is about as realistic as Bruce Jenner giving birth to triplets.

The May 9 episode “Assumptions” opens with two Jewish teenage boys running from a vandalized synagogue where we find Muslim Councilwoman Nahla Nasar (Nazneen Contractor) has been raped. Since one of the teens, named Ari (Ted Sutherland), wore a red cap, a narrative quickly forms, especially when Nasar points him out in a lineup. “This boy grabbed my hijab and spat in my face,” she says. “These people are Islamophobes. It’s in their blood. One of these boys must have raped me.”

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To add more fuel to the fire, a new video surfaces online of the teens with Nasar. The teens accused of vandalizing the synagogue were actually members of a Jewish group protesting the councilwoman. During their wait to leave, the video depicts the Jewish boys seemingly getting in Nasar’s face in a way that’s oddly reminiscent of the Covington Catholic kids’ story – or rather, the story the media wanted us to believe.  [Newsbusters]

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Where’s the show about a conservative judge being falsely accused of rape 35 years ago by a whacked out 50-year-old liberal that talks like a little 12-year-old girl? Does the Muslim woman sleep with her brother at the end of the show?

I used to be an avid SVU viewer, but I haven’t watched it in years. I cannot stand the characters anymore or the left-wing stain they add to each show. Whenever I watch TV, it’s to be entertained, not “provoked” and when you can see the plot twists a mile away and know how every episode is going to end it is just dull.

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Do you want a real SVU plot for the future? How about — Someone in MAGA hat walks up to Rep. Ilhan Omar and asks why she married her brother before being elected to Congress. The repercussions of that question result in that person banned from Twitter/Facebook/YouTube along with GoFundMe, Paypal and finally having their bank accounts closed down.

Give that to your producers!




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