Special Counsel Robert Mueller will not be testifying in front of Congress as they thought he would be.

This should shake up the Democrats in a way unimaginable. Dems want Mueller to sit before Congress and tell the world how much Attorney General William Barr was a criminal, lackey for President Trump and a criminal to the state, according to their narrative.

It doesn’t seem like Mueller wants to play the game right yet.

Robert Mueller, the US special counsel whose report on Russian election interference has shaken a divided Washington, will not testify before Congress next week, a top Democrat said Friday.

House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler had wanted Mueller to testify on May 15, but he said a date for the highly anticipated appearance before lawmakers remained under discussion.

“It won’t be next week,” Nadler told reporters. “But we’re negotiating with him, we’re talking to him and the Justice Department.”

Nadler has said that the committee would subpoena Muller if necessary, but expressed hope that such a step could be avoided. [Associated Press]

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What will be the next step if Mueller testifies and proclaims that there is no basis for the collusion accusation or charging President Trump with obstruction? Will Congressional Democrats throw an even louder hissy-fit?

Do the redacted portions of the report that has been publicly released state things like, “Trump took a billion dollars from Russia and didn’t pay taxes on it” or “Trump deleted the hard drive on his server that contained collusion evidence?”

At this point, all of the hollering and tantrums have become a horrible embarrassment. I’m not sure what’s worse, Trump with Twitter or the Democrats with their fishing expeditions and drama. Maybe both.

You want to hear about Attorney Generals protecting the President and vice-versa? Former AG Eric Holder refused to turn over documents under subpoena and was held in contempt. Barack Obama claimed executive privilege to protect Holder. That case is still in court today. Talk about abuse of power. They did not want the truth out about Fast and Furious.

Former AG Loretta Lynch met with the husband of a woman being investigated by the DOJ, though we all know there was no real investigation, that is not an abuse of power to Democrats.

Barr will not turn over legally redacted transcripts, and Democrats are crying foul. Only in America is the hypocrisy of the left so blatant and in your face. They will lose, however, and they know it.

Then again, why would Mueller not testify? The only reason would be because he would have to tell the truth and support AG Barr’s summation that there was no collusion and no obstruction of justice.


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