By PoliZette Staff | May 7, 2019

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Tuesday morning delivered a rousing assessment on the floor of the Senate of the special counsel investigation — declaring in no uncertain terms that Robert Mueller and his team had rendered a verdict and that it was time to move on for the good of the American people.

“Case closed. Case closed,” said McConnell.

He also accused Democrats of wanting a “national crisis” for their own political gain.

“There’s an outrage industrial complex that spans from Capitol press conferences to cable news. They’re grieving that the national crisis they have spent two years wishing for did not materialize — but for the rest of the country, it’s good news,” said McConnell.

Following that speech, the Senate majority leader emphasized on Tuesday night to Fox News host Martha MacCallum on “The Story,” “I think we ought to put it to rest. [Special counsel Robert] Mueller spent two years on this. He interviewed hundreds of people. He reached the conclusion there was certainly no collusion on the president’s part.”

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“He brought no charges on obstruction,” McConnell added. “They indicted a number of Russians. It was clear what the Russians are trying to do. He pointed it out to us. What else do we need to know? It’s time to move on.”

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MacCallum noted that President Donald Trump and others have been saying “that we need to investigate the origins of what happened here in the intelligence agencies. Are you in favor of that?” she asked. “Or do you want them to drop that as well?”

“That’s a decision for the attorney general,” said McConnell, “and I think that there’s already [an] inspector general investigation going on of how the investigation was initiated. These inspector generals in each department are genuinely independent people. I understand he’s going to report at the end of May — so we’ll get that answer to the question of how this whole investigation began from the I.G. and the Justice Department.”

MacCallum asked him about the investigation by the Senate. “Are you in favor of that being a part of it, too?”

“What the I.G. has to say as to whether there’s anything else for us to take a look at — I think if he indicates that there was some suspicion around the opening of the investigation, Sen. [Lindsey] Graham [of South Carolina] might well decide that he wants to take a look at that.”

The name of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) came up next in the interview — and she, by the way, in a surprise to no one, does not feel it’s “case closed” on the Mueller investigation.

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“Speaker Pelosi said based on Attorney General [William] Barr’s testimony, she believes he lied to Congress,” said MacCallum to McConnell. “If she believes that, what must she do?”

“That’s an outrageous assertion,” he replied. “The man had a brief summary of the report, released all [of] the report that was legally allowed to be released. Put it on the internet. To call a public servant like the attorney general a liar is completely over the top.”

He added of the Democrats, “These people are somewhat suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome … They can’t accept the fact that the president won the [2016] election. The investigation is over. Why don’t we turn our attention to try and see what we can figure out and what we can do together for the American people and not squander any more time. We have the answer.”

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Regarding various agenda items from the radical Left, including the Green New Deal, McConnell commented that such things as the climate proposal “would destroy your job, take you out of your car, and require you to rebuild your home.”

So, “yes,” he said, “I’m going [to be a] Grim Reaper when it comes to the Green New Deal. [And] Medicare for None, which will eliminate private health insurance for 180 million Americans and drain Medicare resources that have been paid into over the years but current Medicare recipients will be destroyed by adding all these additional people — you bet those kind of proposals are going nowhere in the Senate.”

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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