I had to watch the video over again to make sure Meghan McCain said this and that she wasn’t smoking a bong while she said it.

The View co-host Meghan McCain accused President Donald Trump of being “obsessed with the fact that he’ll never be a great man” like her father, late Sen. John McCain.

It seems that Meghan is blaming President Trump for the actions of low-level Navy officials and a staffer in the White House Military Office who was allegedly behind the attempt to hide the boat that bared her grandfather’s name as the president gave his Memorial Day speech near it in Japan.

Trump — I Was Not Involved With Any Hiding Of USS John McCain; Meghan Bashes Anyway!

McCain: “I will say the president’s actions have consequences. When you’re repeatedly attacking my father and war heroes, it creates a culture in the military where people are clearly fearful to show my father’s name in one way or another. That I think is what started this chain of events and actions.”

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Meghan also exaggerated how military members were being put in “horrific situations” because they were afraid to promote McCain’s name in fear they would lose their jobs.

McCain: “If God forbid, you’re a sailor on this ship, you think there’s going to be some kind of retribution — I think it’s horrible, it’s bad for Americans.”

McCain was a good American to many of his friends, but he was a lousy Senator. He did not follow through with campaign promises, and when given a chance to do so, threw the thumbs down to everybody how supported him.

Meghan McCain SLAMS Klobuchar For Using Father’s Name To Smear Trump

So to all of you who say you cannot tell a bad thing about him, and that he is above criticism, remember that OJ Simpson was a great football player. But it is for what he did afterward that he will be remembered.

If John McCain were such a great man, he would have been elected instead of forcing America to sit through a week of funeral fanfare for his burial services. Meghan can defend her father all she wants, but America has receipts, including the Obamacare repeal thumbs down vote.


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