Rep. James Clyburn, House Majority Whip, claimed the obstruction of justice allegations against President Trump detailed in Robert Mueller’s report were “bigger than Watergate,” during an interview with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin on Thursday.

Clyburn also used the term constitutional crisis during his apocalyptic interview. Doesn’t it seem that Congressional Dems keep recycling phrases like “constitutional crisis,” “worse than Watergate,” “unfit for office,” etc., always entirely without substance?

They keep overplaying their hand with each passing interview. Worse than Watergate, but no plans to begin impeachment proceedings. Maybe they think all Americans are as gullible as their constituents. It’s similar to all the private jets that fly to Davos every year to warn of catastrophic climate change – each one demonstrates how dishonest progressive libs are.

Video transcript of James Clyburn:

I would define it as a confrontational crisis. That is exactly what it is. how’s that for hair-splitting? The fact of the matter is we are in a crisis. Any time you have such divisions between the executive and legislative and looking for the judiciary to step in and moderate or navigate — help us navigate through this, that is a crisis situation.

It may not be as big as a lot of the crises that we have had as a nation, but this is bigger than Watergate was. All you’ve got to do is look at this report and you know that but for his status as president of the United States, this president would have been indicted for obstruction of justice and there are 10 or 12 different instances in the Mueller report that indicate that. And so that to me is a crisis situation. I’ve studied history. I’ve taught history. I spend a lot of time researching history every day. Never has a country been in the place it has been today.

Well, exactly the way I see it. I think the president is calculating that if he pushes us to pull the trigger on an impeachment resolution supported by the party, he will then be able to point to the divisiveness that comes with that. We are aware of that and we won’t be ordered into such activity. If things were to develop as we have just seen with his son now being subpoenaed, we have some other venues, judiciary venues up in New York seeking other things, it could very well be that the public will certainly — will suddenly come over to the fact that we need to remove this distraction and then that would be the time for us to pursue an impeachment.

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You can watch the rest here:

Top congressional Democrats desperately tried to cling to the obstruction angle, while events elsewhere (the bombshell revelation about the troublesome FISA warrant) pass them by. The only prosecutors who mattered were Mueller, who did not find sufficient evidence and his supervisors, Atty General William Barr and former Deputy Atty General Rod Rosenstein, who also found no obstruction.

This might have some impact on the average person if these whiners hadn’t been comparing everything and anything to Watergate for years now.


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