Joe DiGenova, Former US Attorney, came out swinging against US Attorney John Huber claiming the investigation Huber is supposed to be conducting is a farce. Huber is supposed to be looking into Uranium One, an investigation that DiGenova is tied into because he represents a major player who has whistleblower information but Huber hasn’t even contacted him, which has Joe angry.

He (Huber) stopped his investigation because of Horowitz so he’s a useless appendage who’s done nothing,” DiGenova said of Huber.

Remember, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions hired this Huber character, and whether or not we want to admit it, Sessions is one of those unfortunates who doesn’t want to realize the world and the US has changed and so continues to think in terms of civics as it was taught in the 1950s.

Di Genova is 100% right to be angry at Huber not fulfilling his charge. I always believed Huber is a farce, but so many people on my timeline tried to snow me about thousands of indictments that he was “holding” and how they were so secretive.

DiGenova went on to speak about Inspector General Michael Horowitz,  a Barack Obama appointee who delivered a total Whitewash of the Deep State last summer and will no doubt do so again. The only thing holding these guys back is their own corrupt ties. How many more years of inaction and betrayal must we have for the Qanut crowd to stop placing faith in swamp creatures?

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As for U.S. Attorney John Durham, don’t forget he investigated the FBI in Boston while Mueller was part of it, or in charge of the FBI, and he won. He is tough, serious, and honest.

Huber was supposed to be investigating leaks and a bunch of other things.  He stopped his investigation because of Horowitz so he’s a useless appendage who’s done nothing.  In fact, he’s supposed to be investigating Uranium One and yet he never contacted our law firm and we represent the key informant in the case, Doug Campbell.  So go figure!

And finally Durham, he’s the real McCoy.  He’s doing what Barr asked him to do which is get to the bottom of everything, empanel a grand jury, if necessary, turn indictments, if necessary.

The big question is whether Horowitz will put on his big boy pants and do something different than when he did the Page – Strzok thing, where he laid out all of his evidence of bias and then he said that there’s no evidence that [this] affected decisions.  What a bunch of crap!

I mean he basically went dead to help the institution of the FBI and senior people at the DOJ.  If he does that again, in the FISA thing, if I were the Attorney General, I’d fire him!


Washington, DC, is no longer a swamp. It has become America’s septic tank thanks to many the people WE elected to represent us. We need every honey wagon pumper truck in the nation to converge on Washington to suck up the filth and haul it away. Forever!

Fire this “fool” Huber and force him to pay back every dime he has stolen from the taxpayers, and while you’re at it strip Sessions of his pension, he’s done nothing to deserve a retirement.

I get the feeling I’m just preaching to the choir. Sometimes I even feel like the crazy one. All of this seems like some political thriller that is too crazy to be true. But I’m usually pretty rational about things, and I’m seeing far too many signs that our great nation is falling off a cliff.

Trump is undoubtedly fighting it, but we are not going to have a MAGA president forever. Then what? I wish I knew the answer.



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