With all the news to choose from, this video has the left “throwing tantrums?” How many times has CNN been caught lying in the last year? The term fake news was and is appropriate for this organization.

It sounds like CNN is looking in a mirror, publishing false information. You have to love all the righteous indignation from the left about this stupid Pelosi video – as if the liberal media doesn’t constantly make fun of Trump every time he misspeaks, mispronounces, or misspells something. Remember when he misspelled “coffee” – that was news for about two straight weeks!

Altered video or not, the master of ceremony of the Democratic Party is on her way out. There are many press releases where she is confused and stammering, so watching the left go crazy over this is nothing short of continued trigged psychosis.

Rep. Jerry Nadler almost passed out during a conference. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is on a day to day basis, and there’s a good bet she will be replaced by a conservative judge soon, giving conservatives control of SCOTUS for many years. The old guard is fading, and a new socialist regime is filling the ranks. The more Socialist the Democratic Party becomes, the harder it will be for them to get elected by mainstream centrists. The few radicals elected to house come from disenfranchised urban enclaves. The Democratic Party and the opposition media is falling apart with no identity or direction. The only platform is to flood the country with illegals.

Do you know how many videos are out there that make fun of the House Speaker?

“Facebook has repeatedly told Congress and the American people that you’re serious about fighting disinformation and fake news, yet this doctored video that I think your own fact-checkers acknowledge is doctored of Speaker Pelosi remains on your platform,” Cooper asked. “Why?”

“Anybody who is seeing this video in news feed, anyone who is going to share it to somebody else, anybody who has shared it in the past, they are being alerted that this video is false,” Bickert said. “We work with internationally certified fact-checking organizations that are independent from Facebook, and we think these are the right organizations to be making decisions about whether something is true or false. As soon as we get a rating from them that content is false, then we dramatically reduce the distribution of that content.”

Cooper also asked Bickert whether Facebook had entered the “news business” and insisted that sharing information constituted entry into that game. He also said “this is false information you’re spreading.”

“We aren’t in the news business,” Bickert said. “We’re in the social media business.” [Deadline]

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CNN wants to monopolize information. They tried and failed to swing the 2016 election; it was because they had competition. CNN and NBC are the biggest sources of completely fake news. Eighty million people tuned in to CNN to watch a wholly rigged presidential debate. The FCC should have pulled their license to broadcast. NBC tried to incite a race riot in Sanford, FL with their doctored 911 tape: [“He’s black’ SPLICE “he’s up to no good”].

They tried to make the police dispatcher seem involved in the phony racist talk. And that’s the way they presented it. – And when they found out the shooter wasn’t “white” like they had assumed, they called him a “White Hispanic” No one was prosecuted. NBC just said, “my bad” then went on spewing fake news. Seriously, America needs to shut these phony news organizations down – permanently.

As for Facebook, they are not a news organization; they are just another typical American capitalist corporation that has no morals when profits are in play. People believe what they read on Facebook so they can better believe the lies that they post.

For the past two years, what have Democrats accomplished? Resist, investigate, whine, divide, project promote identity politics, whine, lie, deceive, and lay false accusations. Did I mention whine? I may have missed a few things here, but what have they accomplished? Pitiful creatures have “Nothing” to run on, and now they want to complain about a funny video that depicts Rep. Nancy Pelosi as being drunk.

Glad to see facebook standing up for its users for once. Cartoons, videos, and images have been used for decades, to poke fun at politicians. Thankfully most conservatives don’t get hot and bothered over the ‘orange Cheeto’ videos and memes.

Would you want your right to make fun of politicians be censored? Give me a break!



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