Instead of CNN’s Christiane Amanpour using the interview with German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a way to inform Americans about the changes in Germany and how the future looks for that country, she turned it into a chance to go after President Trump by challenging the leader to respond to her interpretation of their political relationship.

You can see from the outset of the segment, Amanpour’s mission was to get soundbites for CNN to be played to show how international leaders do not support Trump or they are not willing to work with him. This is out front and evident when Amanpour framed the Merkel as a favorite target for Trump to verbally attack.

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“You’ve been a bit of at a punching bag for President Trump. “He’s said some quite strong things about your relationship with Russia, and all the rest of it,” Amanpour said.

“His own White House says, he’s only strong with the people he considers friends. Do you consider him a friend?” she added.

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Why is this a question? Do leaders have to be friends to make things work better politically? Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be friendly but “friends?” Merkel surprised the hateful reporter with this response;

“I think we have close cooperation, which simply results from problems we have had to resolve together. In every communique which we had to declare, I was also the host for the G-20 negotiations in Hamburg. We had contentious debates. But in the end, we also found common ground.

“It’s certainly is always a challenge to debate, but I happily take on this challenge. The president has his opinions. I have mine. And very often, we also find common ground. If not, we have to keep on talking and negotiating,” said the German leader.

Last week, Amanpour tried to back conservative actor Kelsey Grammar into a corner on his support for President Trump too.

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I will continue to watch this woman because her brand of journalism is dangerous and needs to be exposed, but that’s the way CNN bounces these days. They don’t care about viewers, just sponsors, and getting paid off of their hate toward President Trump.


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