CNN’s Christine Romans couldn’t hold back her enthusiasm and somewhat shock that the new jobs report numbers were so good.

On Friday, new job numbers were released and the nation has a lot to celebrate. Even CNN had to find time with their negative reporting of the Trump administration to report the strong U.S. economy numbers.

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Not since 1969 (50 years) has the United States seen such low unemployment. In April, 263,000 jobs were added outpacing the projected 165,000. The huge news was the unemployment rate drop. That fell to 3.6%. As I said, 1969 was the last time the country saw such as low unemployment. That was around the Vietnam War.

President Trump has a lot to boast and be thankful for and just think, if the media reported news like this all the time, consumer confidence would be 500% better than it is right now. Many Americans would have a brighter look at the future of the country and things would be moving at warp speed.

Democrats are planning their next move to drop a hate bomb on what is going on for Americans but voters need to realize to keep this going, we can’t go backward and we can’t deviate paths. We have a direction that that is proven to be successful.

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“We did see strong recovery in the Obama administration, you remember Donald Trump and his team, they didn’t believe those numbers when those numbers were in the Obama administration, now they do believe them. This is now a sustained recovery,” said CNN’s Christine Romans.

Look, there are things the Trump administration did that helps this. Cutting regulations, right? There’s also the sort of this feeling of pro-business, rightly or wrongly, a pro-business feeling, a flip….a switch has been flipped and so you have hiring confidence,” Romans added.

If anyone complains of retail employment being down, just remember as more purchases are placed on the internet, who needs a physical person. Especially when the minimum wage is going up to $15 per hour. What retail store can afford that?




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