I don’t watch Fox News or Fox Business as others do, but I agree with Charles Payne in regards to critics of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Fox & Friends morning hosts bombarded their program for weeks labeling her “socialist,” making jokes, and disparaging comments about her intelligence. Republicans and conservatives made memes against AOC with the same tactics, therefore, making her popular among those who had sympathy and empathy toward the increased attacks.

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Payne, interviewed by Salon’s Matthew Rozsa, said he didn’t approve of those who insult AOC’s intelligence.

“I have railed against it privately to people that I know in the media. When I hear someone say that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is dumb, for instance, I cringe — just like I can remember when there were conservatives who used to call Obama voters ‘low information voters.’ It’s the worst insult in the world. They’re not low information. They’re just getting information from different sources that you are — that doesn’t make them low information.”

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Fox News has a town hall event on the schedule highlighting the differences between socialism and capitalism. The audience is supposed to be diverse, and Payne hopes the conversation will be civil even though he expects disagreements to happen.

Even though I agree with Payne, I saw her continuing to incorrectly claim that tax incentives are the same as cash grants. She said this multiple times over a period of days even after several people attempted to gently correct her. This is a woman who sits on the House Financial Services committee. The charitable explanation is she’s “green.”

There’s also a less-charitable way to describe the situation.

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She makes statements that are not logical, and I’ve tried my best not to attack her on social media because I didn’t want to have any part of increasing her follower population, which is what happens and I am not the only one that watches this cycle.

Socialism is already a great talking point to shut down by conservatives, but it’s better to come back with ways capitalism is better instead of hateful remarks.

Payne is right on this one, and I support his view 100%.




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