When we hear the word “godless heathen,” the Democrats are standing in front of the line.

Sen. Cory Booker, 2020 Presidential candidate, is standing up beating his chest slamming those who use the words “thoughts and prayers,” when it comes to individuals cut down due to evil killers. Democrats call them mentally challenged these days because they do not want to give credibility to sick progressive agenda turning Americans into non-thinking zombies.

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Booker told CNN’s David Axelrod if he wins the White House in 2020, he vows to fight for gun control “as folks have never seen before.” He also felt the use of “thoughts and prayers” after a shooting is “bull***.”

Let’s make a law that requires all politicians submit to IQ testing, DNA testing, psyche evaluation, medical fitness evaluation, lie detector, review by a jury of peers to decide if they are a right person. Also, add they must apply for a license to be elected that lasts 24 months and is required for renewal to retain office and reissued at holders expense every election cycle.

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Nothing that Booker proposes will do anything to prevent “gun violence” because nothing he proposes does anything to address the reasons for the violence in the first place.

“So, when I’m President of the United States, I’m taking a fight to this issue like folks have never seen before, because we’re better than this is a country. It’s a uniquely American problem. No other country has this kind of carnage. More people in my life kind of died in this nation due to gun violence and then all of the wars and revolution wars now.

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We are not going to give thoughts and prayers which to me is just bullshit. I’m sorry to say it as a man of faith, but I was taught that faith without works is dead. We’re going to bring a fight with everything that I have to solve this problem because it’s solvable and we know it”

What Spartacus fails to understand is that some of the stuff he proposes has been tried and found not to affect, and other stuff will have no effect. Maybe instead of the made-up outrage, he should focus on the fact that firearms violence has been declining for a couple of decades, but the violence has remained highest in places that are under Democratic political control and with strict gun control. Wonder why that is?

Dems are so rudimentary. Root cause analysis does not start and end with guns. It’s just like workplace accidents. Its takes unsafe conditions and unsafe actions. Dems are too willing to dismiss actions of those and their culture of violence as root causes.

Booker should know that guns do not create violence. If he cared about safety, he should raise his voice against the media and some of his colleagues who are advocating violence against Trump and by extension towards others.

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This is a prelude to taking guns away from law-abiding citizens. We see what this is doing for Venezuelans. No thank you. And this martial law action will do nothing to stop criminals from attacking people with guns. All of America would become a gun-free zone.

Pretty clear that Democrats want to ban guns from law-abiding citizens. What if an otherwise law-abiding gun owner refuses to submit to this licensing scheme? I guess the Democrats will have their house invaded and the person shot and killed if they refuse to submit. Meanwhile, in the Democrat-controlled cities where Democrat constituents shoot and kill each other all the time, there probably will be little effort to enforce gun licenses, since the criminals don’t obey the law anyway.

American patriots have saved this country many times from government tyranny ambitions, and we’ll do it again.




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