Former Vice President and 2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden took full credit, for the positive United States’ economy that we currently are experiencing. He went as far as claim President Trump was “squandering” their success.

Biden made a passionate appeal for national unity Saturday but also took square political aim at Donald Trump, branding the president a “divider in chief” who must be ousted in 2020. — Does he even realized he contradicted his message with that statement?

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The economy has been showing significant gains and records numbers as unemployment rates have hit 49-year-lows with Black Americans, women, Hispanic Americans, and even veterans all seeing historically changes.

Biden said this in the video below, “I know President Trump likes to take credit for the economy… Just look at the facts, not the alternative facts. President Trump inherited an economy from Obama-Biden administration that was given to him — just like he inherited everything else in his life.”

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Biden is most definitely pushing “alternative facts” here in the video above. Most of us know the Obama administration wasn’t big on helping America move forward, nor did they want voters to become prosperous, that wasn’t their agenda. They wanted to transform America rather than helping it recover fundamentally.

Obama never believed Trump’s way of doing things would make American lives better, and yet, these new policies continue to make huge gains.

None of these gains were seen under the Obama administration who decided to push healthcare instead of fixing the economy. According to a Harvard study, over 90% of the alleged 10 million jobs that Obama created were part-time and didn’t have benefits included.

That blueprint for disaster was removed when Trump walked into the Oval Office, who got rid of job-creating regulations within the first couple of months.

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Trump is NOT the cause of “division” in our country. That rests at the feet of the Democrats and their media accomplices. Joe had a crowd of 6,000 people in a massive Democrat area according to the media. So probably around 3,000 there at Joe’s rally. Big deal.

This country never saw this economy in the eight years Barack was in office and yet in the video below, Biden claimed that Trump “inherited” the economic success of the U.S. from them. Does anyone remember when Obama told an audience that the jobs that were gone were never coming back?

Biden was the VP in one of the most divisive administrations in modern history. Much to their dismay. They created the conditions to elect Trump as President, something they still haven’t figured that out yet. Their response? To become even more radicalized.

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In 50 years, the Obama/Biden administration’s legacy will best be remembered at the administration under whose watch the greatest political scandal in American history took place. I want to know what Obama and Biden knew and when did they know it. Did Obama authorize the spying on the Trump campaign? Was any intelligence from the spying provided to the Clinton campaign? This is way bigger than Watergate, and some very high Democrats are going to go to jail before this is over.

Republican voters have been calling for unity for decades. Democrats just continued to call names, attack them on the streets, and all together lie about them. Now you want unity when Republicans finally have someone who calls you out on it.

I voted for Trump, and even though I don’t agree with everything he does or says, I generally agree with what he is trying to do. Now the Democrats have long stated that he is dividing the country, but it would seem to me that when the Democrats will disagree with anything he says or does just because he is Donald Trump, and expect all of us to follow suit, then it is the Democrats that are being divisive.



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