Former VP Joe Biden decided to cut loose at a South Carolina fundraiser and call President Trump a “clown.”

The former lawmaker thinks he’s ready to go toe to toe with the Commander-in-chief, but he doesn’t realize that many have tried and many have failed. Choosing a nickname for Trump only ramps up the back and forth.

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Now I know why he postponed entering the race. He’s not sharp like Trump. Trump can talk for hours on end, witty, make good points. He can’t even speak for a short time without sounding like a retirement home escapee. The only thing Biden has done besides being a career politician in a deep blue state is inserting his foot into his mouth.

What part of Donald does Joe not like? The middle-class tax cuts, the improved economy? The reduced unemployment? Why does not he tell the truth? He is still upset that Donald beat Hillary in 2016!

The 2020 Democratic presidential front-runner said he didn’t want to get down in the mud with Trump, but if he had to choose a moniker for the current White House occupant it would be a “clown.”

“There’s so many nicknames I’m inclined to give this guy,” Biden said, according to Politico. “You can just start with clown.”

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At the private fundraiser on Saturday, Biden said Trump’s nicknames were part of his war of words with his political rivals that are meant to keep the discussions away from the issues.

“On every single issue and on every demeaning thing he says about other people, I have no problem responding directly,” Biden said. “What I’m not going to do is get into what he wants me to do. He wants this to be a mud wrestling match.” [Fox News]

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Biden also claimed that Jim Crow is coming back. “You’ve got Jim Crow sneaking back in. You know what happens when you have an equal right to vote? They lose.” he said, referring to the era before the civil rights movement when Democrats implemented that way of life.

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Biden has spent years in Washington and has done nothing at all for Americans. As VP, he struck a sweet deal with Ukraine making he and his son much cheddar. Biden is part of the corrupt pay to play, Clinton Democrat. They amass considerable wealth without working a day in the private sector.

President Trump has already proven the kind of energy it takes to run a country. Biden has had 50 some years to show what he has done, and nothing much to his credit.

We don’t need a president like “sleepy joe” with one foot in the grave trying to tell us now we need him. No thank you!


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