You can watch below, via YouTube.

When Democrats heard a few Republicans voters claim Barack Obama wasn’t their President, they had fits and couldn’t sleep for weeks. They decided to be copycats when President Donald Trump was elected, so that shows you just how adult they were.

But to see a former Vice President and 2020 Democrat presidential contender Joe Biden on Tuesday told a Nashua, New Hampshire rally crowd that Trump is “illegitimate” is unbelievable.

If there weren’t a video of the event, you wouldn’t believe it either. You expect voters to say this and I even remember when a voter called Obama an illegitimate citizen when speaking to then-candidate John McCain, who shut her down so he wouldn’t look bad for the media. Biden agreed with this woman in the video below.

Would you be my vice presidential candidate? Folks, look, I absolutely agree. One of the things we have to do here, we’ve got to get this part straight in my view, you will never hear me speak ill of another Democratic candidate. And there’s a simple reason for that. We have to be in a position, whomever the nominee is, to be able to win. […] You’re absolutely right, and now that they have an investigation of the investigators who are investigating whether or not Vladimir Putin and the Russians engaged in trying to affect our elections, give me a break. Gosh almighty.”

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A delusional woman makes an allusion about collusion to a man known for his confusion thus completing the circle of illusion. Do I make myself clear? When is someone in the crowd going to call out Biden on his pro-segregation comments from earlier in his career? Well, that wouldn’t fit the staged format.

Does he want to go there? The Democrat Party never even checked to see if Obama was using a legitimate SSN from Connecticut so if they’re going to start talking about an illegitimate president we certainly have some things to talk about.

I’m convinced that Trump is unbeatable, especially with this cabal of nut jobs running in 2020. Trump is sitting back, saving his energy for whichever one the Democrat party burps up.

Not a single candidate with an original thought, a policy position, or an attractive personal presentation.





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