Actress Alyssa Milano considers herself to be an activist of some sort and she is out here trying to defend her “sex strike” when she insisted every “human on the planet” is “pro-life” despite advocating for destroying the lives of the unborn.

Last Friday, Milano launched a campaign that went viral, calling for pro-abortion women to join her cause and stop having sex in response to new pro-life legislation  Georgia “heartbeat” law which outlaws abortions beyond six weeks.

Get this. Her strike was mocked by conservatives and pro-life activists and even some liberals if you can believe that.

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I’m confused Alyssa, making your husband suffer because some people in GA passed law will hurt GA? How about the hurt millions of men feel when they are forced to pay child support for a child, they don’t want, didn’t intend to have, after a drunken 1-night stand. They had no say in the abortion or birth of that child yet are forced to pay for the unilateral decision of the woman. How is that fair?

What about the reproductive rights of men? Why should the woman get all the say in whether they keep the baby or not? It’s not the man’s fault that women’s bodies were created to carry the baby. It takes two people to make a baby; it’s not fair that she thinks it’s only the woman who can decide its fate.

Alyssa Milano’s call for women to go on a sex strike in protest over new anti-abortion legislation has sparked an outcry from many corners. On Monday, View co-host Meghan McCain, who supports measures like Georgia’s “heartbeat bill,” slammed the actress and activist for “telling women to use their bodies as a bargaining chip, [which] doesn’t feel very feminist.” Meanwhile, many women have argued that abstinence would amount to, in the words of one critic, “bribing men for equal rights with access to our bodies,” and have accused Milano of leaving out queer women. Others have simply mocked her proposal as being extreme.

But the former child star is standing her ground. In a new op-ed for CNN co-written by activist Waleisah Wilson, Milano acknowledges the controversy surrounding her sex strike, inspired by Aristophanes’s ancient Greek comedy, Lysistrata.

“Sure, it’s been a mixed reaction, but it got the country talking about the GOP’s undeniable war on women,” she wrote. “And let’s face it, with so much going on every day in the news, sometimes we need an extreme response to get national attention.” [Yahoo Lifestyle]

Any woman that does this is looking to destroy a relationship. It’s that simple. By politicizing your body, you are effectively breaking one of the biggest no-nos of dating, and that is not to withhold sex for an advantage.

All it does is destroy your bond. It’s that simple if a woman wants to break up with a guy because he supports the law that’s one thing – or vice versa.

A major problem with this debate is that people like Milano somehow think that pro-life is a war on women. Get over yourself for one minute. Their stance has absolutely nothing to do with attacking women; they have a different opinion on when life begins and when the law should protect that life. An intelligent debate can’t happen if one side is too stupid even to understand what they’re arguing about.

She can’t stop to think for one second to even consider that maybe this issue isn’t also related to her rabid frothing at the mouth feminism. I get both sides of the coin, I don’t think abortion should be illegal across the board (incest, rape and other real woman’s health), but the idea that you can kill a baby that’s days away from being born because it’s still in the womb, but killing it after it’s born is murder makes no sense either.

This isn’t about a woman’s “choice” it’s about what can be considered morally acceptable in our society. I have kids; I went to every ultrasound, I watched my baby yawn when they were tired, play with each of their fingers, rub their face, kick their feet when they were poked at. You can’t tell me that a baby is an inanimate object up until the point of birth. The law needs to come up with some balance to allow for various situations. And that balance isn’t going to come from the extremists on both sides of the debate calling for an outright ban or thinking it’s perfectly OK to abort a baby days before it’s full term.

Milano never misses a moment to be outraged. She jumps on every bandwagon that rolls by. I feel sorry for her husband. Living with someone so “woke” and indignant must be tough.

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