Time is getting short for whoever set the coup to stop President Trump, in motion.

Attorney General William Barr is true to his word as he has tapped U.S. Attorney John Durham of Connecticut to investigate origins of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s probe into the Trump campaign.

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According to the New York Times, Durham was chosen because he has a history of investigating national security officials associated with potential wrongdoing. The fact no Democrat is behind bars shows how deep the Deep State is.

“Nobody in this country is above the law, an FBI agent or otherwise, and ultimately the ends do not justify the means.” – US Attorney John Durham

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Barr brought in a ringer. These types of crimes aren’t your usual stuff. Durham has experience with it, and he is probably one of the few US Attorneys that do. His assignment signals that Barr already has the groundwork laid, and now he’s moving into prosecution mode. And you’ll note, this move was made before the IG Report came out. That’s very telling.

Just a few weeks ago, during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Barr mentioned the word “spying,” when he was asked about possible surveillance of the Trump Campaign in 2016. Senate Democrats didn’t like the word “spying” being used, but Barr didn’t back down.

Hopefully, this action produces fruit because U.S. Attorney John Huber has been on the job for a couple of years now and hasn’t produced anything. Although rumors of thousands of secret indictments flood social media to make readers feel good that something is happening, not one bit of proof has been produced.

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Former Atty General Jeff Sessions chose Huber. Barr has been so much more different than Sessions which provides me with a lot more hope.

Laura Ingraham broke the story on her show last night and could hardly contain her delight, and I don’t blame her. Ken Starr was one of her two guests and spoke very highly of the appointment of John Durham from the DOJ. He opined that Democrats should be anxious right now. God, I hope so. It’s about time that the chickens have come home to roost.

Anyone see Former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein go after James Comey as if he the disgraced FBI Director was the ring leaders? Rosenstein’s resignation was effective as of Saturday. The next day, Comey attacked Rosenstein, and Rosenstein struck back at Comey.

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The first business day later Barr appointed a DOJ prosecutor to look into the FBI probe. Comey and the left are panicked that Rosenstein is out, he was supposed to protect them, they know the grand juries and arrests are coming.

I love how the opposition media keeps referring to AG Barr as Trump’s “hand-picked” attorney general as if there’s some bias. Newsflash! Every president handpicks their attorney general!

I am going to point out the obvious here but when looking at Robert Mueller’s report, the one question you need to ask yourself — How does one investigate Russian collusion in the election without investigating the source of the accusations…The Dossier?

That investigation was a farce from the beginning. Now comes the pain.

Today they never heard of him, tomorrow everyone on the left will be experts on why Durham is such a terrible person. I hope his face comes to terrorize them.


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