This woman won’t let it go!

Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams told a room of  progressives gathered for the annual Center for American Progress Ideas Conference, that Democrats should use “Identity Politics” because “We won.”  During her speech, she publicly embraced the idea of using identity politics. “Identity politics is exactly who we are,”

“I would argue that identity politics is exactly who we are and it’s exactly how we won,” she said Wednesday. “By centering communities in Georgia, we not only increased voter participation, we brought new folks to the process.”

Ms. Abrams told her audience at the Center for American Progress event that progressives must reject “the fear of who were are” and “dog whistles” geared towards suppressing left-wing activism.

“When I hear Democratic candidates, progressive candidates, American candidates decrying the identities of their voters, I am deeply worried for our democracy,” she said. [Washington Times]

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Seriously, why hasn’t someone put together Abrams and Hillary Clinton, for an “I am the real winner of the election” tour. A 300 city tour, for two-plus hours of nonstop “how they were robbed of their victory” and “this would never happen to a man.”

And Democrats wonder why there is a divide. This is who Democrats are. They represent only certain groups of Americans and see people exactly that way. They never see all citizens as just plain Americans.

Identity politics equals a label for everyone so we can all be exploited, manipulated, or vilified. The only thing Stacey Abrams is interested in is continuing her lavish, unaccountable lifestyle on campaign contributions while portraying herself as a victim!

Show me one person who said they would have voted for Abrams but were denied the chance – I didn’t think so.

The Democrats have been using identity politics for years and its Truly gross to suggest that because of skin color, religion, or race you are better or worse than someone. Its called racism but the left only play the identity game when its democrats who are the “victims” no one heard about Carly Fiorina and her glass ceiling even though she came from nothing and earned her spot in business’s and decided to run for president. No, we heard about how it was for Hillary to ride coattails.

Identity politics is tribalism. It’s segregation. Separation. All around bad, and contrary to American values (real American values).



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