Celebrity opinions count as much to me like the professionals that decipher this Mueller report in Yahoo comments and CNN but to watch them melt down like this is actually satisfying.

Liberals think criticizing an investigation is grounds for obstruction but don’t think Hillary’s team destroying 33,000 pieces of evidence after being told they were under investigation is obstruction of justice. Liberal logic is baffling.

Look at the impact this report has had on Trump’s presidency! Every single action he has taken has been under the cloud of the investigation. Every battle was made more difficult because of the investigation. Yet, these professional make-believe artists can’t comprehend why Trump might be upset about the investigation unless he was actually guilty of the underlying crime?

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I was waiting for Michael Moore to chime in then realized Rosie O’Donnell and Moore is the same person.

Rob Reiner tweeted twice: “Prima Facie: Trump is guilty as hell,” and “America now has a ringside seat in the political arena for the biggest heavyweight fight in US history. It’s Trump vs. Pelosi. I’m all in on Pelosi. Get ready to rumble!”

Ana Navarro is not a Hollywood celebrity but she think she is one so I added her to the list. Here’s what she had to say: “I don’t know how anyone can read Mueller Report and conclude Trump did not attempt time and time again to obstruct justice. Republicans in Congress are going to do just that. They will let Trump get away with it. It is up to American voters to hold him accountable. Vote him out!”

Padma Lakshmi said the following: “Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I’m fucked.”- an innocent person”

You know Alyssa Milano had to say something: “It is my opinion that an innocent man wouldn’t say the below words out loud. But that’s just me.”

Late night host Stephen Colbert chimed in: “Regardless of what Barr says, it seems like President Trump is completely Page 290’d.”

John Leguizamo took time from dressing up like a female to say: “Trump on 1st hearing of #MuellerReport, “Oh my God, this is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I’m f—ed,” Trump said. If only!!!”

Michael Ian Black said: “Mueller Report summary: “So it turns out you can just kind of do whatever you want.””

Patton Oswalt tweet this: “Sooooooo it’s not illegal if you’re really upset?”

John Cusack decided to weigh in: “Barr = complete whitewash coverup
A press circus orchestrated by the White House – corruption”

I didn’t know Patricia Arquette was still around: “Thank you Barr for admitting that Russia attacked the USA in an act of Cyberwarfare. Even though you left out hacking and attempting to hack into our voter rolls. And the US has done nothing!!”

Mia Farrow didn’t want to get left out: “Just stunning to see the Attorney General in the role of Trump’s personal attorney”

Relatively unknown actor Josh Gad didn’t want to miss the opportunity to say something: “I never knew before today that the Attorney General is a personal defense attorney for the President of the United States. Cool beans”

Misha Collins wants nationwide action: “I don’t care what your party affiliation is: we’ve got to put aside our differences & unite to defend our country against this attack on democracy. Trump let the Russian govt. manipulate the people to install him as president. American patriots will not stand for that. #Impeach,” and he also tweeted this: “Russia attacked us. The Trump campaign let it happen & encouraged it so he could cheat. That’s clear in the #MuellerReport. Trump let a foreign govt. manipulate our election so he could win. Then, his team materially impaired the investigation.”

Failed comic Kathy Griffin tweeted: “Ok, that’s it! I want the report from MY Federal Investigation released. I never committed #HarmToOngoingMatter and I’m a ballsy, vulgar comic. Legendary, yes, but…”

Here are a few more entries for the show:

This is like an old joke. First, you have actors that are not known for their intellectual prowess providing the public with legal opinions. Then we have actual attorneys that are politicians calling for impeachment although crimes to support the charge are absent. It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

Everyone, please remember that Liberals don’t respond to facts, logic, data. They only respond to emotions and feeling. For instance, I know Mueller’s report says there is no collusion and not enough for obstruction but I feel like he did, therefore it’s true and he must be impeached.

These clowns have way too many emotional and mental health issues to be taken seriously. Considering their jobs are to show up at the set sober and on time, appear plausible, and try to remember the lines someone else wrote for you. Every time a celebrity opens its mouth, America becomes a more well-read nation. Keep those opinions coming comrade commissars.

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