The two Nigerian brothers associated with the Jussie Smollett case, Ola and Abel Osundairo, filed a federal defamation lawsuit against Smollett’s legal team on Tuesday.

Smollett alleged that he was attacked by two white men on the streets of Chicago in the middle of the night, who yelled racist and homophobic slurs at him, tied a rope around his neck and said “Welcome to MAGA country,” as they left him to tend to his injuries.

Chicago police investigated the attack and found that the actor made the whole story up, paid the brothers to pull off the “attack,” and took his story national to gain sympathy. The Osundairo brothers insist that it’s true but Smollett denied the whole affair.

The brothers were initially arrested as suspects in the alleged attack in January on Smollett, only to be released later. They make the claim in a lawsuit against two of Smollett’s defense attorneys, Mark Geragos and Tina Glandian, who continued to say in media appearances that the brothers engaged in the attack. The brothers are suing under claims of defamation and false light.

In a controversial move last month, the Cook County state’s attorney’s office dropped all criminal charges against Smollett over the allegedly faked hate crime after he paid $10,000 and performed community service.

The brothers contend in the lawsuit that “Mr. Smollett used his clout as a wealthy actor to influence Plaintiffs, who were in a subordinate relationship to him and were aspiring to ‘make it’ in Hollywood.”

The brothers add: “Mr. Smollett’s motivation was simple. He wanted his employer and the public to notice and appreciate him as a successful black, openly gay actor. So, Mr. Smollett directed every aspect of the attack, including the location and the noose.” [Chicago Sun-Times]

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It is so obvious that powerful Democrats have no interest in the truth or administering anything that would be justice. To me, his crime is worthy of the same punishment as someone would receive for doing the alleged crime. He easily could have motivated others to act in vengeance and his hoax will make people question legitimate victims more aggressively.

His lack of repentance and apology proves his wicked arrogance and selfishness even more.

As for these Osundairo brothers, I’m sorry, their credibility is shot with me. By their own admission, they practiced the “attack” before the actual event. It strains common sense that they didn’t understand what they were getting into. I believe I read that they couldn’t find MAGA hats, so they settled for plain red ones. Nope.

They had to have a very good idea of the plot ahead of time, and there is also the “white powder” letter sent one week before which clearly proclaimed MAGA supporters wrote and sent it. The Feds removed magazines and a book of stamps from the brother’s apartment.

I am anxious for the details to come out, but give zero confidence in their being taken advantage of.


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