After all the problems in Denny’s past, you can be sure they have surveillance video. If not I hope this guy doesn’t leave them out of the lawsuit.

Frederick Ibonie was waiting on his food at Denny’s restaurant when he overheard an impatient DoorDash driver start to get angry with the employees for taking so long with his order. His impatience led to an unprofessional impromptu argument that wasn’t something you would hear in Sunday morning church school.

Ibonie thought he would speak up for the employees since he worked down the street at another restaurant, which turned out to be a very bad idea. The DoorDash representative unmercifully attacked Ibonie.

What is up with DoorDash lately? First, an employee caught drinking a customer’s milkshake, now an employee beating up people at a delivery. I think I’ll pass on this food delivery “services.”

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Around 2 a.m. on Sunday, Frederick Ibonie was waiting for his food at the diner when he overheard a person he claims was a DoorDash driver berate the employees at the restaurant because the order he was expecting was not ready.

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Ibonie, who is a waiter at a nearby barbecue restaurant, felt he had to defend the workers. He apparently told the delivery person, “You need to calm down. It’s Denny’s, these people are working their butts off.”

He then said the delivery driver allegedly pushed another customer and punched Ibonie in the face before running away. Three of Ibonie’s teeth were knocked out and he suffered a fractured nose and palate. He had to receive ten stitches in his lip. [excerpt via Yahoo Lifestyle]

DoorDash has responded to the incident claiming their drivers are independent contractors, not employees. However, they are looking into the incident.

“At DoorDash, we take the safety of our community extremely seriously. We are investigating the alleged incident and will take action as appropriate, including deactivating the Dasher from our platform.”

It’s very sad what’s happening in our country right now. There are a lot of bad people who are randomly (i.e., for no apparent or good reason) committing acts of violence against their neighbors and strangers. It’s way worse than when I was a kid.

I often read articles on other assault stories criticizing bystanders for not intervening and this story is a perfect example of why the average person should not.

Glad he stood up for what’s right, but sorry he got beat up. Be sure to sign up for martial arts first next time! If you intervene in a physical altercation or even one where someone is threatening violence, you need to be prepared to fight and win.

Expect to be attacked and expect them the worst and expect to use extreme force to protect yourself.

This is hard to love my friends, but it’s real. I am just saying.

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