I do not know much about this former Fox News executive, Laurie Luhn, but she’s dropped a major lawsuit on the company and current CEO, Suzanne Scott.

Luhn claims the late Roger Ailes sexually abused her during her tenure with the company and Scott knew about the sexual misconduct. Luhn is suing the network for $120 million. I don’t watch the network that much anymore even though President Trump promotes it. There’s a lot of dirty laundry at that network that is self-proclaimed the #1 News Network on Cable, that keeps seeping out of the crevices.

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Coming out in dribs and drabs don’t make one care about the bad stigma they have but put them all together, and there’s an environment of sexual harassment abuse that has made women’s lives terrible for a long time.

The lawsuit, filed on April 23 in D.C. District Court by Larry Klayman — an attorney who is routinely dismissed by his detractors as a conspiracy theorist — also adds a new wrinkle to the high-profile accusations leveled at Ailes and Fox News: a vague reference to “child porn usage” at the channel’s Washington bureau.

Previously, Klayman sued Showtime, Blumhouse Productions and writer Gabriel Sherman on behalf of Luhn over the upcoming TV series about Ailes, alleging that the show portrays Luhn as a “pimp” for the now-deceased former Fox News CEO.

The new lawsuit against Fox News alleges that the company at large, along with Scott, sought to bury evidence that Ailes was sexually harassing some female employees and that both somehow defamed Luhn by doing so. One piece of evidence cited is a Los Angeles Timesprofile quoting Scott saying “she had no knowledge” of Ailes’ alleged behavior.

While Luhn isn’t mentioned in the Times story, Klayman argues that Scott was told of Luhn’s complaints against Ailes and was therefore his “enabler.” He also says in the lawsuit that “by making the provably false statement that she was not aware of any of Ailes’ sexual harassment, Defendant Scott has defamed, smeared and discredited Plaintiff Luhn by calling her a liar and creating the false implication that Plaintiff Luhn fabricated sexual assault allegations against Ailes.” [Hollywood Reporter]

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Luhn spent two decades at the network, described her tragic ordeal with Ailes in the lawsuit including how he kept allegedly telling her that “I own you” and forcing her to buy black garters and stockings to wear for him, which he called her ‘uniform. She also claimed Ailes “pressured” her to perform oral sex during an encounter in a hotel room in 2004.

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She’s not an innocent, does not wear a white hat, but is a victim. Anytime anyone is dominated by someone with power its harassment. And they would not have paid for $3 million if they didn’t know it. She has some culpability, but Ailes is the real villain and too bad he didn’t get booted vastly earlier. He’s done a lot of damage universally.

Do you think this case will be settled out of court like the many others? Do you look at Fox News the same with all of these sexual misconduct accusations? Share your voices below.




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