So now House Democrats will investigate something that has already been investigated with 448 pages? If Robert Mueller couldn’t find anything more what makes you think our broken Congress can?

Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Attorney General William Barr say he will provide an unredacted report to selected Congress members. Why the subpoena?

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A hypothetical question: supposing Rep. Nadler gets the full, unredacted report, including Grand Jury testimony. Now suppose that I gave testimony that led to indictments of Michael Flynn, or someone else who later was indicted based partly or in total on my testimony. Now, who can I sue for violating my rights, and can I ask that my testimony be recanted as it was obtained under false pretenses, i.e., that it was never going to be released to anyone?

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The subpoena seeks not only the “complete and unredacted” report, but also all of the underlying documents referenced in it including grand jury evidence. The New York Democrat said on Good Morning America that the information was necessary “to make informed decisions” on what happens next.

Nadler’s committee, which has the power to launch impeachment proceedings, voted in early April to authorize the subpoena for the report after attorney general William Barr outlined the categories he intended to shield.

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The subpoena came as Democrats vowed to continue investigating Donald Trump a day after the report was made public, revealing striking new details about the president’s effort to thwart a federal inquiry he believed threatened his presidency.

Shortly after a redacted version of the exhaustive report was released to the public on Thursday, Nadler said it outlined “disturbing evidence that President Trump engaged in obstruction of justice” and the “responsibility now falls to Congress to hold the president accountable for his actions.”

They already requested Mueller testify and a mostly unredacted version is being made available to elect Democrats. What possible reason could there be to demand further records? Can they give any specific example of anything Barr said that was not correct? I didn’t think so.

Read the report yourself; it says EXACTLY what Barr said it says. There was no collusion with Russia, and the investigation identified ten instances which could be interpreted as an obstruction but also gave reasons why those incidents may not have been obstruction.

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Here’s something else to think about, if Barr were lying Mueller would call him out just as he did with BuzzFeed. I think he would be obligated too by the law. You cannot change a special prosecutors report. Nadler knows this but assumes the public doesn’t and knows the media won’t fact check him.

It is documented fact that Nadler was one of the staunchest defenders of Bill Clinton during impeachment proceedings against him. During his presidency. My how times have changed.

Bottom line. It will never end. When these Democrats get the full report and find nothing, they will turn to his tax returns or open some other investigation. Can you imagine if Democrats spent all the time they’ve focused on Trump, focusing on real problems like immigration and fixing the VA?




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