His name is Imam Mohammad Tawhidi and he is an Australian cleric. What makes him special is that he recently called out Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar as clueless and anti-American.

“You are absolutely clueless when it comes to national security. I am a Muslim Imam, citizen of Australia/Iraq/Iran, and I enter the US without any problems; because I do so legally by declaring all my identities. Border Force don’t care about religion, they care about intentions,” he tweeted.

As for Omar, he attacked her with class, informing readers that she shouldn’t be trusted but neither should those who defend her agenda and actions.

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“Ilhan Omar is a genuine & honest person. She is telling us exactly what she believes because she is in a position of power. She makes it clear that she is against the US and its values; and pro Sharia, terrorist CAIR & Co. Those making excuses for her: Pelosi & AOC are the liars,” he tweeted.

Thank you Imam Twahidi. If AOC and Omar think we are at a level of incitement to violence, then maybe they should stop doing it. Their rhetoric and demagoguery are fueling the fire.

According to Democrats and the opposition media, it’s all Trumps’ fault. Good thing he loves our country or we would be in big trouble because he is doing so many divisive things to hurt all Americans. Imagine what he would do if he hated the USA like the radical Dems. (I’m being sarcastic if you didn’t figure it out already).

I can’t stop thinking about what he could have accomplished so far if he didn’t have resistance from the leftists against everything he’s trying to do for the country he loves. A pure 180 from Barack Obama.

President Trump sacrificed his life and salary to work for us because he really loves this country, probably more than even Ronald Reagan. Let us support him as best we can, and pray hard for his protection and the soul of our country.

Three new representatives sticking together like glue. All three are clueless! The attacks on 9-11 were attacks on all Americans! I’m an Air Force veteran and to this day I stand true to the oath I voluntarily took when I entered the USAF! We fight for what’s right and we do it viciously.

I’ll always stand true to my oath will always viciously fight to the bloody end. All three of these freshmen representatives should be removed from all committees and called out for their anti-American and anti-constitution stances each and every time they open their mouth or tweet their insanity!



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