On Thursday, the Democrat-led Illinois Senate threatened the President of the United States by pulling his name off the 2020 presidential ballot if he doesn’t show five years worth of income tax returns

The state is joining a movement of other Democratic states that aims to force the president to open up his personal finances by releasing his tax returns, something he stubbornly has refused to do and reiterated again this week.

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During contentious floor debate in the Illinois statehouse, Trump’s name wasn’t mentioned once by the legislation’s sponsor, state Sen. Tony Munoz, a Chicago Democrat who insisted he merely is trying to shed more transparency on the presidential campaign.

“If you want to run for vice president or president of the United States, hey, what’s wrong with providing your tax returns for the past five years?” Munoz asked his colleagues ahead of the Senate’s 36-19 vote in favor of his bill.

“If you’ve got nothing to hide, you shouldn’t worry about anything,” he continued. “That’s how I see it.” [WBEZ]

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According to this WBEZ article, “similar legislation is in play in 17 other statehouses, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.”

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No article or amendment in the Constitution calls for a presidential candidate to show their tax returns. It might have started in the 70s, but ever since then, it’s never been made a law.

State Sen. Dale Righter, whose county gave Trump 60% of the vote in 2016 said the following: “This is quite frankly, with all due respect to the sponsor, an embarrassing waste of the Senate’s time. This is being pushed by a far-leftist organization from the city of Chicago that wants to be able to get up and chirp about the president of the United States. We ought to be better than this.”

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This only confirms what I’ve been saying on my radio show. Democrats don’t care about the economy or how great America is doing. They want to destroy President Trump along with his family and friends. They do not want someone outside of the political bubble trying to fix what they have spent years trying to mess up.

American voters need to realize this and fight back during election time. There are no second chances when it comes to delivering another blow to the establishment. There isn’t another Trump-like candidate around, and that includes his children who are more liberal than their father.

Trump was meant for this time, and he should get another four years to continue working his plan to Make America great.




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