How much longer will the voters put up with obstruction from Congress if these real-time stories keep getting out?

Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo, the host of Sunday Morning Futures, was reporting from the southern border near El Paso, Texas when she witnessed a Border Patrol apprehension of illegals trying to enter the United States unauthorized.

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In the video below, Bartiromo was asking questions of the CBP when a family of illegals was captured. Maria, through an interpreter, asked the young girls how long they had been traveling and they responded their mom left them alone. The family said they were told in Honduras that they could stay in the US when they crossed the border.

This is disgusting. If there were a wall, there would no problem with kids at the border alone or the other “illegals” INVADING our country. Thank you, Democrats and two-faced Republicans for screwing up our nation. If this goes on much longer, you can kiss your country goodbye.

Honduran officials are counting on remittances sent home by their illegal immigrants. Remittances totaled $445 billion annually. They need to be taxed to pay for the cost of illegal immigration. Honduras and every other country that receive any aid from the US should provide proof of how “OUR” taxpayer money is being distributed before any more money is sent to them. Also, every dollar that is being wired back to families in the home countries should be taxed.

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If an “effective” border barrier doesn’t get built (from San Diego to Brownsville) in the next 12 months, then it’s all over. At that point, you had better start learning Spanish.




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