This former first lady, Hillary Clinton, this criminal who has the gall to comment on the status of our sitting president who has been harassed and set up on bogus accusations paid for by her is beyond disgusting. She deserves to be found guilty of participating in a coup to remove a legitimately elected President and thrown in prison for what she has done.

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Let’s not forget Hillary was given debate questions back in 2016, but certainly, this had no impact on the 2016 election because so many people dislike her and see who she really is.

Hillary was wandering around the woods of Chappaqua when she saw a discarded advertising poster that said: “Drink Canada Dry.” She took it as a personal challenge and headed north. American authorities alerted Canadian border security. The Canadians alerted the Seagrams Distillery, which put on a second shift to keep up with demand.

Clinton was asked about Robert Mueller‘s report during an interview at the 2019 TIME 100 Summit on Tuesday, and she described the findings about Russia’s election meddling as “a full-throated attack that was aimed at propagandizing people, dividing our country, creating all kinds of disruptions.” When she was asked about whether the time has come to impeach Trump, Clinton agreed with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s cautious approach, saying “it shouldn’t be a preordained conclusion, it shouldn’t be what you do for partisan political purposes almost outside the framework of the Constitution.”

Clinton said it would be “fully appropriate” to call upon Don McGahn and other White House officials to testify about the Mueller report. She argued that Congress must “show the American people we take our Constitutional responsibilities seriously” and act upon the Mueller report, but warned against “impeachment as the only item on the table.”

When asked if Trump obstructed justice, Clinton said “there’s enough there that any other person who engaged in those acts would have been indicted” were it not for Justice Department guidelines against indicting sitting presidents. [Mediaite]

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What can I say? Mr. Pot meet kettle? Just one observation, why does she always loll when sitting in a chair? Drunks do that, really fat or lazy people do that. But ordinary people talking to others sit up straight as if they are interested in the conversation. They even lean forward a bit, to complete the engagement and show interest. She lolls, sprawls, lounges as if the whole thing is just SO tedious she cannot be bothered to engage.

When we are gathered at the Great White Throne of Judgement (that’s the one for non-believers for the uninitiated), like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, etc., etc. walk up to be judged; I am going to grab a large bucket of hot buttered popcorn and a 64 oz Pepsi, and watch with great interest as she and others try to lie their way out from an Omniscient God.

It is kind of Hillary to remind us of the Uranium One investigation. There have been no reliable news updates for the past several years on Uranium One. The public needs an update on the Uranium One Senate Investigation. It seems incredible that the U.S. would sell any uranium since we import 90% of the uranium we use.

But, evidence shows that Obama and Hillary sold 20% of our uranium to Russia. The sales had to be approved by the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investments under the Department of the Treasury, whose head was Timothy Geithner. It also had to be approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission whose Chairman was Gregory Jaczko. Rose Gettemuller, Assistant Secretary of State under Hillary Clinton has publically admitted knowing about it, meaning Hillary had to know. Also, the Department of Justice knew, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch and FBI Comey and Mueller were a part of it. Finally, it could not have happened without President Obama’s approval. While the deal was being negotiated, Bill Clinton was touring Russia with Vladimir Putin giving speeches for $500,000 each.

Then there is the issue of the Obama-Clinton insecure emails that exposed our National Defense secrets marked “secret,” “top secret,” and ”above top secret” to our enemies around the world. Congress should just post our National Defense secrets online for the U.S. citizens to read since we are virtually the only humans on earth that have not read them.

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There needs to be an investigation of the Clinton Foundation, which accepted money from five Middle East countries and transferred it to the Clinton Family Foundation. Perhaps there should be an investigation of the Obama Foundation.
There, also, needs to be an investigation of any records that were kept of the meeting President Obama conducted in the White House with the leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Then there is the Benghazi cover-up by Obama, Susan Rice, and Hillary. Our Ambassador and four of America’s finest were a slaughter, and Hillary said, “What difference does it make.”

This is beginning to look more like the Democrat politicians want to prevent the truth of criminal activity by the Obama Administration from reaching public exposure.




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