Fox News host Brian Kilmeade seemed to argue the fact that Fox News represented Republican viewers.

The main viewership of Fox News has a Republican feel, and there’s no denying it, which begs me to question the direction of Fox News once again. They started as a conservative outlet because ALL of the other channels were 100% left-leaning, liberal agenda-filled talking heads.

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But to hear Kilmeade correct a 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate for calling out the network for having a Republican feel was disconcerting. Fox News does not represent all Americans so let me get that straight. They might want to, but they don’t, and for anyone out there who feels like they do, you are fooling yourselves.

After Schultz fielded questions about illegal immigration and the inaction caused by political gridlock, the conversation moved on to economic topics like taxation on the wealthy and fiscal responsibility. After Schultz commented that “your Republican viewers” frequently harped about government spending during Barack Obama‘s presidency, he was repeatedly pressed by his hosts on how he would tackle the national debt.

“Under this president has been, we added a trillion dollars of debt,” Schultz argued. “We’re paying $500 billion of interest expense. This has been a Republican issue. Where are the Republicans? Help me understand that.”

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When Brian Kilmeade countered him on several points about the deficit, Schultz continued with “you represent everyday Republican viewers, where are the Republicans?”

“We represent American viewers,” Kilmeade retorted. [excerpt via Mediaite]

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I’ve said before, and I will repeat it. Fox News doesn’t represent all Americans, and they don’t have to because they claim they are the #1 Cable News Network, which means they don’t have to fix anything that isn’t broke. Minorities do not watch Fox News because of the racism stigma out there, a stain on the network they choose not to address. So how can you be a network for all Americans or represent American viewers when you don’t address your lack of minority viewership?

Does’t make sense to me but hey, who am I? Let me digress to the park lawn bench with my soda pop and bag of peanuts.

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