It took me a while to address this because I felt my friend Eboni Williams misinterpreted what Roger Ailes meant when he said that he created Fox News for one thing and one thing only: “the demonizing of the other.”

Williams is 100% correct when she said “Fox has a reputation for being bigoted and racist all for very good reason,” during her appearance on the New York-based radio show The Breakfast Club, but I also think her interpretation might be misconstrued.

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“To understand Fox News you have to understand… Roger Ailes. He is the founder and visionary behind Fox News. [In Ailes’] book, this man plainly — in plain sight, says he is forming a network to speak to one thing and one thing only: the demonizing of the other.”

I have my feelings about Fox News and why minorities do not watch it or claim it’s a racist channel, but that’s mainly because they feel they aren’t spoken to regularly, just spoken at. Williams also asserted that demonizing racial minorities in America “is the purpose of why the network was founded.”

“I don’t know what his beliefs are, but what he knew was it would be very profitable. When you find a fear based thing like that and you can capitalize it, in a unique way no one had ever done this before.”

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Williams is a smart, articulate woman who doesn’t take a back seat to anyone. I have watched her debate, speak and I am proud of her as a brother, but I feel that when was talked about “demonizing of the other,” I think he meant Liberals, progressives and all others trying to shut down conservative views.

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While working at Fox News, Williams developed a persona that wasn’t welcomed among the viewers, and they let her know on social media. They attacked her ruthlessly and consistently because she had different opinions than what they were fed on a regular daily basis.

Williams continued: “no conservative news outlet [spoke] to the fear to the intrinsic devaluation of whiteness in this country,” so, “like any smart business person, he found a void and filled it.”

“I went there because I felt I was going to be a savior of sorts, and talk to the people in the middle, that still watch that network because whether we like it or not, Fox is number one for a reason.”

I have to reiterate, Williams is a smart woman who can stand up to anyone and debate like you’ve never seen before. I do believe she’s wrong with this analysis. I also think feeding the negative Fox News narrative for younger Americans listening to that popular morning radio show only cements the hatred toward their programming.

I tried to reach out to Eboni via email before I wrote this, but I didn’t get a response. If she responds, I will come back and address later.



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