Doesn’t this remind you of Sarah Palin speaking about Democrats and death panels?

Last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told his state lawmakers to pass a “poison pill,” which will shock anyone and everyone who learns of his choice.

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Next, it will be forced physician-assisted suicide bill if that person agrees or not. Infanticide is just the beginning of the culture of death party!

This pill would allow patients who are “terminally ill” to request the medication that would end their life. Both the New York State and Assembly are considering passing this legislation. Authorizing the creation of this pill and then giving it to physicians to prescribe it is unheard of.

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Can you imagine these pills are stolen and then shared on the black market? A lot of unsuspecting individuals could be targeted. This bill had been up for approval before, but with Republican majorities and a fierce fight from the Catholic church, it was stalled.

“I say pass the bill,” Cuomo told WAMC’s Alan Chartock. “It’s a controversial issue, it’s a difficult issue. But the older we get and the better medicine gets the more we’ve seen people suffer for too too long.”

New Jersey lawmakers passed a similar medical aid-in-dying measure last month. Seven other states currently have a statute safeguarding physician-assisted death.

State Sen. Diane Savino (D-Staten Island), the lead sponsor of the bill, said she felt like Cuomo’s comments came from a personal place.

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“I think the governor was not speaking necessarily as the governor, he was speaking as a person who has experienced loss in his own life, just like we all have and that’s what compelled me to get involved in this,” she told the Daily News. “You know we’ve both seen people we love suffer toward the end of life and realize that what people want is to be surrounded by their family members and have some control over their final days.” [NY Daily News]

This is a personal decision, not for a government to decide. Once this goes mainstream, next, we will be seeing potential death squads convening on nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals to euthanize anyone who is terminal or too old. After all, we let them have this power over us.

Take a look at what has happened in the UK. Socialized/governmental medical control has led to forced euthanasia for people deemed “unqualified” (judged by the courts) to maintain life through medical intervention. It’s across the board in age range. They even block those trying to take their loved ones to a different country for care.

I know this might come as a shock to you, Corinne Carey, the New York campaign director for Compassion & Choices said: “The leadership of the Catholic Church has been opposed to this, but the majority of Catholics support it. And I think that’s what lawmakers are looking to, that’s what lawmakers know as Catholics themselves, that this is a choice that we have.” Unbelievable!

Abortion and euthanasia are the foundation of socialistic population control. Next, remove all guns from law abiding citizens. Think. THINK.



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