Fox News’ Chris Wallace wants everyone to know that he is smarter than all Trump surrogates regarding the released Mueller investigation report.

Just a few days ago, Wallace slammed President Trump calling the Mueller Report damaging and politically embarrassing due to private conversations released publicly so the opposition media could make their case against a man hurting over manufactured lies, accusations and allegations.

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Sunday’s conversation with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani probably could have gone a lot better than what happened. Wallace tried his best to thwart the former Mayor from defending President Trump with his already prepared talking points.

Giuliani gave it all he could in trying to explain it from the President’s perspective, but with the constant interruptions, he was in for a lengthy interview.

“But Mayor, that’s not true!” Wallace told Giuliani following the clip. “The Mueller report makes clear, especially on the issue of collusion — obstruction, rather, that he’s leaving it to Congress.”

“I agree with that,” Giuliani said, as Wallace cited portions of the report that indicated this.

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That’s a key admission, and contradicts what Trump Attorney General William Barr said both in his four-page memo, and his pre-release press conference.

“So Mueller invites Congress to look into this, and the president, in terms of Congress, hasn’t been exonerated at all on the issue of the obstruction,” Wallace said after reading Mueller’s notations about obstruction.

Giuliani then claimed Trump could “never get exonerated” because it means “proving a negative.” [Mediaite]

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Chris and the Democrats need to understand; it’s illegal for unauthorized people to see grand jury testimony. Arrest every Democrat that wanted the law broken by wanting to see the unredacted Mueller report.

We need to get back to the business of running the country. Let the Democrats throw their tantrums and have their investigations. They mean nothing. The Senate has the final word, and the GOP does not dare oppose Trump now.

There are still 12 million illegals living here that need to be deported, a wall that still needs to be built, a broken healthcare law that needs to be fixed or totally repealed, taxes are still too high, and there are still too many people on food stamps and Medicaid.

So let’s get back to work and start addressing the problems that we elected you to solve Mr. President. You have done many good things so far like cutting taxes and keeping these asylum seekers locked up or making them stay in Mexico. We need more. More immigration raids to deal with the people who are already here, we need more tax cuts, we need fewer people on Medicaid and food stamps, and we need to get started in infrastructure.



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