Fox News’ employee Chris Wallace went far and beyond his so-called “bi-partisan” role to slam President Trump for his actions interpreted by the Mueller report. Trump supporters will not like what Wallace had to say [in the video below], but they have to watch to know how to come back on his statements if they choose too.

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Wallace called Trump’s actions damaging and politically embarrassing, but what I don’t understand is if someone started an investigation on you and you claimed your innocence, would you sit there and be quiet. Trump was angry and what he said to his people was in private. Now, those individuals were called in front of Mueller for questioning and had to reveal what was said but what if that were you? Would you have said something in private to your trusted staff? Sure you would have.

As for the language in the Mueller report, liberals can type somewhat but can’t read and comprehend to save their lives. Can you imagine how long it is going to take them to attempt to decipher the Robert Mueller report and try to comprehend it with some of the words redacted?

Mueller could not prove or disprove obstruction so that means once again, innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent. If he could not find proof of guilt after two years and all of his resources neither will the House. They are beating a dead horse.

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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace said that the newly-released Mueller report is “damaging” and “politically embarrassing” to Trump, but that impeachment would be unlikely because Republicans in Congress would not “buy in” to such a proceeding.

During Fox News’ coverage of the fallout from the Mueller report, anchor Dana Perino asked Wallace, “Where do the Democrats go from here? Do they think, upon first reading, that they have a case for impeachment, or at least more hearings?”

“There’s no question they’re going to say this doesn’t answer all of their issues and they will have more hearings, at the very least, with William Barr and with Robert Mueller.”

“I would have to say, reading this report, that there’s a lot of stuff in here that is damaging to the president, politically embarrassing to the president,” Wallace said, adding that Trump “blows very hot at points in the investigation and directs various… to interfere and try to stop the Mueller investigation, but it never actually happens.” [Mediaite]

Investigate all you want. The evidence used to begin an investigation is a group of lies and misinformation. When the predicate to the investigation is flawed in such fundamental ways and intertwined with illegal acts, it cannot establish a basis for obstruction.

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A charge of obstruction of an investigation during which no wrong-doing was found and should have never been conducted in the first place. When you say it out loud – it does not make any sense.

Now we get to listen to the Dems talk about obstruction and investigations and taxes and impeachment for the next two years, but nothing will be done.

It’s all a big show to get the opposition media to put their faces on television so they can pander for votes while telling us all how terrible President Trump is. If you want to impeach him, do it. You have everything you need and control the House.

What are you waiting for? One more thing, you might want to hurry up before AG Barr finds actual collusion and obstruction within the DNC and Barack Obama administration.



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