Joe Biden is a career politician who has been on the wrong side of every important issue over the past four decades.

On Thursday, he kicked off his 2020 Presidential campaign invoking the Charlottesville incident which most Black Americans point to negatively when it deals with speaking about President Trump. They feel Trump, and his administration sided with Nazis and racism on that day while the media pushed that narrative along with race-baiting punditry.

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It’s easy for conservative America to dismiss this and move on, but it’s a stigma that has lasted for over two years and one of the primary reasons why more Black Americans haven’t signed on Trump’s agenda. Sure Fox News tells it’s viewers how Black Voters will sign over to Trump in considerable numbers in 2020, but the reality is that it’s better to believe this than the truth.

Conservatives need to push their arrogance and dismissive attitude aside and think about this for once and finally develop a way to address this with a winning message. It is true that Black Democrat voters point to Trump’s Charlottesville response as their first

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One of the main reasons why I feel this is dangerous is because Biden is going for the Black vote by playing off of this tragic event with emotion. I am not stupid, and I see things for what they are, and Biden’s charm of emotion is far superior to any other candidate on the campaign trail. He can walk into a Black church and come out with an army, even with his lies. That’s Biden in today’s world, which is a trait he’s acquired over the years and with eight years under Barack Obama, he has a little more credibility with Black Democrat voters and blue-collar America.

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One would think Trump organized the Charlottesville rally the way the media keeps bringing it up. ANTIFA thugs are responsible for more property damage and violence than any idiot “white nationalists.” It keeps being presented like Trump is responsible for a rise in white nationalism. I don’t think there is a rise in such a thing at all but if there is you can look to Barack Obama and the Dems as the cause given their war on white men.

The media repeats the lie about Charlottesville because voters won’t push to find out the truth, or don’t want to know the truth. What the media won’t tackle or report is how Biden was forced to drop out of the race in 1988 because of his plagiarism scandal which they seem to have forgotten.

Who agrees that giving President Donald Trump eight years in the White House, will allow him to forever and fundamentally alter the character of Washington DC.

No longer will creatures such as Biden be able to so quickly become so rich and powerful without doing anything for the people of this Country. Biden and Sanders have spent the whole life dedicated to helping people (rather than working), and let’s evaluate the result. Both are now rich and powerful, now let’s look at the people they have helped. Anyone, you can reply here if they have helped you, anyone, hello, anyone?

As of now, Biden is a Democratic favorite. This will force other 19 democratic contenders to adopt the more radical platform. It will be fun to watch them lurking more to the left.

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Biden will be formidable, and I promise not to sleep on him even with the mistakes he’s made in the past. Democrats don’t care about success, they want their agenda on top, and whoever can deliver it the best, they will form around. That’s why we need to build around Trump and give him the best chance possible to continue to make this country great.

Trump is the only man at this point in history to care about this country and fight back against a media whose agenda has changed to become a wall of negativity to his real successes.

Do you think Biden would be a significant challenge to President Trump with voters? Share your comments below.




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