A young socialist couple in Detroit that helped Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez win her New York election last year as a Democratic Socialist is now launching a pro-socialism media company from their house at about $10 a subscription.

The company is called Means TV, and it is an Internet-only streaming service set up to reach millennials and Generation Z with anti-capitalist viewpoints. It is supposed to include comedy sketches, reality TV, real-time news reporting and talk shows.

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So, they established a corporate entity, raised capital from investors, and launched a service charging their customers $10 per month for services from their corporation. And they are “anti” capitalism? I guess there are a lot of definitions of “socialism” out there. Sooner or later, they will probably have Barack Obama or Michelle speaking up for the service, who knows.

The service would use edgy VICE Media-style videos and a Netflix-type on-demand model to capture the attention of millennials and members of the younger Generation Z, who may feel dissatisfied with where they think society is headed and aren’t familiar with other economic systems.

“Our future is almost guaranteed to be worse than the future of our parents (at our age), which is essentially the case now,” Hayes said Tuesday in a interview at the house he and Burton rent, which for now is also Means TV’s headquarters.

“When I talk to young people, especially those who have come from poverty, there is no hope for a better future,” he said. “They know that the whole ‘I’m going to maybe be rich someday’ is a trap.” [USA Today]

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Does anyone else see the irony in them utilizing capitalistic principles in starting their own independent business geared toward the promotion of socialism? You can’t make this stuff up.

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As I said before, if they believed in socialism, they wouldn’t be charging a $10 monthly subscription. It would be free for everyone. How many are others wondering how much money they will be making on this capitalist venture to inform others of the benefits for the few of socialism?

Means TV’s debut comes at a time of rising interest in socialism among Democrats, which is often traced to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign for president.

Some of Sanders’ policy ideas that were once considered far left, such as “Medicare for All,” have since become mainstream in the Democratic Party.

Last summer, a nationwide Gallup Poll found that 57% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents held a positive view of socialism with only 47% having a positive view of capitalism, down from 56% in 2016.

Means TV would join the recent wave of new streaming video services aimed at niche audiences. [USA Today]

Redistribution of money means taking from some and giving to those who haven’t done anything to deserve the money they will be taking from those who have earned it. In other words, it’s an extension of welfare for those who may not put in the effort to educate themselves or are unwilling to work, and this is what they are pushing?

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Have you ever wondered why there’s no “alt-left” in America? It’s because the base of the Democrats is that group. The party openly embraces their fringes and tries to convince people of the lie that the right does the same for theirs.

Show me a more giving, prosperous country than the USA. Fact is capitalism has benefited more people in the world than any other economic system.

I hope the new programming also contains actual documentary footage of those successful Socialist experiments in Venezuela, Spain, Greece et al. This should provide real-world examples for the left-leaning millennials to contrast the “utopian” crap being fed to them.

My wish for these two would be for them to tour the world, visiting all of the successful socialist countries, and make a documentary all of the great ideas. They would come back to the US after finding something that works. They might not be back. Socialism seems to demotivate more than it improves, at the governmental level. I think capitalism still wins, as long as the proper safety nets are in place for the folks that truly need some help.

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Well, let’s face it. The Democrats are (on a national level) moving towards full-blown communism. This is simply undeniable. It used to be they would deny or deflect from the truth, but now, they are becoming bolder & more honest with their wishes. They not only wear Che’ Guevara shirts for fashion statements but want communism.

Using capitalism to create a socialist movement shows how socialism has no real answers. True socialism makes everyone equally poor, except for the ruling elite.

A capitalist and a socialist were walking through an affluent neighborhood talking about economics when they stopped in front of a large, expensive house. The socialist says ‘look at that- no one should have such a big house’ the capitalist responds ‘I disagree, everyone should have a big house’




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