Judge Andrew Napolitano accused President Trump of mischaracterizing their Supreme Court nominee conversations.

If you are slow to current events, Judge Napolitano, based on the Mueller report, called out President Trump’s alleged actions as “unlawful, defenseless and condemnable” actions that were tantamount to obstruction of justice.

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The word must have traveled by snail mail, but President Trump responded to that on Saturday night after Professor Alan Dershowitz claimed Napolitano was wrong in his analysis. Trump called out Napolitano for being jilted because he wasn’t nominated to the Supreme Court and made the claim the Judge had “asked for pardon for his friend,” and was turned down.

On Monday morning, Napolitano joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business where she asked about this back and forth between him and the President. Napolitano shrugged it off and asked “This is the way you treat your friends? How do you treat your enemies?”

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That’s a pretty weird statement coming from Napolitano after he’s been going after Trump hard for over a year or more with negative analysis.

Napolitano explained to Bartiromo that the Supreme Court nomination that Trump said he wanted for himself was based off a description of how Neil Gorsuch had the judicial qualities that Trump was looking for, and he claimed the president-elect allegedly turned to him and said: “sounds like you’re describing yourself.”

“I said ‘no, no, I’m not describing myself. I’m describing Neil Gorsuch because you have this list of people from which you want to choose, and Judge Gorsuch is the person that I think most of your advisers are going to point to.’” Napolitano recalled.

Now that Napolitano has denied what Trump said is true, it’s up to Trump supporters and America as a whole to decide what to believe. One thing I do know for sure, and that is how Napolitano’s entire countenance has changed toward the president, and there is no denying that.

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Trump supporters might be called deplorables, but they are not crazy or dumb. They can cite frauds a mile away, and while I am not classifying Napolitano as a fraud, he has some issues he hasn’t gotten over, and it’s crystal clear what he’s doing.

Whose story do you believe, Trump or Napolitano? Will you look at Napolitano the same moving forward?




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