This story makes you appreciate what you’re born with, not abusing your body with food, alcohol, and drugs, and exercise.

The need for mental healthcare is a lot higher than it was before, now in the age of social media. Instagram has created so many homemade models who try to imitate Kim Kardashian regardless of the costs. To love one’s self seems to have gone out with the dishwater.

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In this Florida plastic surgery tragic story, 13 women have died after malpractitioners who happened to be felons bilked them out of money and the right care. The two women in the video below are survivors who wanted to have their voices heard.

One man pleaded guilty to bank fraud. One was convicted of grand theft in a real estate scam. Two others admitted to elaborate Medicare schemes that siphoned millions from taxpayers. In Florida, one of the nation’s top destinations for plastic surgery, a felony conviction can bar someone from operating a massage parlor or a pawn shop.

But not from running a cosmetic surgery clinic.

Nearly a dozen miles from the iconic beaches of South Florida, the four convicted felons ran facilities that became assembly lines for patients from across the country seeking the latest body sculpting procedures at discount prices. And at those businesses, at least 13 women have died after surgeries. Nearly a dozen others were hospitalized with critical injuries, including punctured internal organs.


The clinic had hired several doctors not certified in plastic surgery, including Osakatukei Omulepu, who had failed his board exams three times. In 2015, Omulepu carried out operations at the clinic that led to devastating injuries. On one day in May, Omulepu punctured a woman’s liver five times and perforated the small intestine of another patient in several places while performing butt lifts.

Despite the state launching a malpractice investigation and a local hospital stripping Omulepu of his privileges, Spectrum continued to allow him to carry out surgeries for months, state health records show. [USA Today]

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