Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Nancy Pelosi a seasoned politician who, I believe, sees the destruction of the Dems 2020 dreams being instigated by the even further left fresh(wo)men, and is doing damage control.

But let’s be real, Nancy is currently a Speaker over a Democratic party she does not recognize. The young ones are dropping the masks and showing what they are and how they think, like socialist. This is in contrast to the older ones who know pretense has to be kept up till they are in a position to drop it.

Pelosi said the other day impeachment was off the table for now which I thought was a dig at Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar who plan to bring up the subject in March. Now, Nancy is pushing back against the socialist “Medicare for all,” language being used by some 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates.

When they say Medicare for All, people have to understand this: Medicare for All is not as good a benefit as the Affordable Care Act. It doesn’t have catastrophic [coverage] — you have to go buy it. It doesn’t have dental. It’s not as good as the plans that you can buy under the Affordable Care Act.

So I say to them, come in with your ideas, but understand that we’re either gonna have to improve Medicare — for all, including seniors — or else people are not gonna get what they think they’re gonna get. And by the way, how’s it gonna be paid for?  Now, single-payer is a different thing.

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People use the terms interchangeably. Sometimes it could be the same thing, but it’s not always. Single-payer is just about who pays. It’s not about what the benefits are. That is, administratively, the simplest thing to do, but to convert to it? Thirty trillion dollars. Now, how do you pay for that?

So I said, “Look, just put them all on the table, and let’s have the discussion, and let people see what it is. But know what it is that you’re talking about.” All I want is the goal of every American having access to health care. You don’t get there by dismantling the Affordable Care Act. [excerpt via Rolling Stone]

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Am I confused? No impeachment. No Single Payer. Pelosi almost sounds sane. Did they quietly change her meds?

Has Pelosi found a new herb that cleans up brain function? Has she finally listened to one of her advisors with an IQ over 90? Either way, she has found a speck of truth in her sea of lies. Also, she has figured out that her party is now the laughing stock of American politics and 2020 will be a disaster worse than in 2016.

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What should be obvious to the most casual observer is Pelosi, and her fellow Democrats have come to the salient realization that they are heading for an electoral disaster in 2020. Of humorous note is that they are appearing to be moderating towards a center where our president already resides, but are nevertheless continuing to denigrate him out of spite-obstruction.

Pelosi has no legitimacy at all until she explicitly condemns Omar and everyone who is standing up for her, and tosses Omar from the foreign affairs committee. Until she does that, she’s one of them.

The stuff she’s saying here is just CYA.

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