Here’s the difference between liberals and conservatives: We’ll admit that the evil attack on the mosque in New Zealand is wrong and condemn it, whereas liberals will associate this with the right and blame us all for it.

Evil is evil, regardless of who does it. If you don’t condemn this act of evil, because it’s against people, you don’t “like,” why would they do the same for you the next time a church is bombed, or a bus shot up in Israel?

This is murder, plain and simple. The man burst into the mosque as worshippers were kneeling for prayers. That’s horrible, and all the people saying things like “Give those people exactly what they deserve…………a medal,” please seek help.

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I feel so sorry that anyone could muster up a despicable comment like that. Fatal attacks on mosques occur on a frequent basis worldwide. They should have some sort of defense mechanism as should Christian churches in this day and time, and I cringe to say that because places of worship should never be a warzone.

Some individuals are not compatible with a tolerant and civil society. If the governments of the world would do what is necessary and stop cowering behind their feel-good leftist ideology and incarcerate violent criminals, institutionalize the dangerous mentally ill, and seek out and terminate all extremist hate groups with extreme prejudice, much of the evil we see in the world would disappear.

Forty-one people were killed at the Al Noor mosque, seven at a mosque in the Linwood neighbourhood and one died in hospital, police said. Hospitals said children were among the victims.

Shortly before the attack began, an anonymous post on the discussion site 8chan, known for a wide range of content including hate speech, said the writer was going to “carry out an attack against the invaders” and included links to a Facebook live stream, in which the shooting appeared, and a manifesto.

The manifesto cited “white genocide”, a term typically used by racist groups to refer to immigration and the growth of minority populations, as his motivation. [excerpt via Rueters]

It is amazing how many people are making it political and acting like New Zealand is anything like Germany or the UK in terms of its Muslim population. Even if it was it wouldn’t justify this attack. It is sick and amazing how many people are attempting to justify the attack. Whether they know it or not too many people are making excuses for the killers. These people were sick, and there is no justification whatsoever for what they did. I have seen some of the most ignorant comments ever in response to this story.

The MSM considers anyone who would kill people using a gun as a right-winger. They completely ignore all of the criminals in the USA who use weapons daily to commit violence and could hardly be categorized as right-wingers. They are more aligned with the leftist, progressive, socialists. The MSM is composed mostly of people who are anti-gun and left wingers. Thus, they cannot fathom how anyone who would use a gun to kill could be anything but a right-winger. They live in their bubble, not necessarily reality.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victim’s families and the people of New Zealand.

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