Nick Memmo is in hot water for keeping an 86-inch flat screen TV that was mistakenly mailed to his house. He had already ordered and received at 74-inch flatscreen, so imagine his surprise when he received another 86-inch flat screen from Amazon?

Memmo also claims that while he home one evening, police surrounded his home, flashed lights through his window and knocked on the door. They requested he step outside and when he did, they arrested him. They have already visited him a few days earlier to ask questions, but it seems his answers didn’t satisfy their investigation.

They charged him with larceny and misleading the police. Memmo said he answered what he could without incriminating himself.

Memmo said that he originally bought and paid for a 74-inch flat-screen TV on Amazon, but when the 86-inch arrived, delivered by a third-party shipping company, he chose not to return the larger model. The police found it mounted on to his wall.

“I looked into all the laws and said, ‘You know, it’s a scratch ticket. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose,’” he said. He added, “Amazon said I had nothing to worry about. I made no wrong decisions at that point.”

The shipping company, however, disagrees. They allegedly made numerous calls to Memmo before they finally went to police. The shipping company claims that Memmo signed for the incorrect delivery, which Memmo disputes. He also says that he never informed them he was someone he is not. [excerpt via Yahoo Lifestyle]

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Amazon didn’t take this to the police; the third-party shipping company did.

The shipping company was at fault, however, and if I were Amazon, I would not allow them to use my site. It gives Amazon a bad name regardless of the outcome. The shipping company here is at fault, without a doubt. Had they done their job and delivered the correct television this would not have happened.

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