Here’s the question. What would you do if the school lost your child not once, not twice but three times? How would you react?

I have two daughters, and if one or both had been forgotten by the school, I would have been down there, livid just like this father. I would have yelled to the top of my lungs while the police were called. My babies are my precious gifts from God, and these school officials are trying to pass the buck on who’s fault it is when the parents don’t want to hear that?

This is unacceptable! Thank God for my children’s school when they were that age. Teachers stood outside in the A.M. to escort them in the school, and in the afternoon they stand outside to make sure each child gets picked up. If parents are late, they return the child to the school’s office and call the parent. This school needs a better system and supervision!

The children are in the care of the teachers at the school until they get on the right bus home. It is their responsibility to make sure those kids get on the right bus home and don’t get left behind.

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