Unfortunately, Judge Jeanine Pirro might be right on this point.

Sharia Law is not compatible with the US Constitution or US Law and Omar has clearly shown her loyalty in the beginning months of her term, and it isn’t the US Constitution.

Why should we force ourselves to accept a culture which doesn’t accept ours, especially when this culture came to our land and tried to change us without compromise? It’s not a phobia. People have real reasons to fear Muslim ideology based on thousands of years of experiencing Muslim led the country’s killing or forcing out people of other beliefs.

I agree with the no-head covering, and it amazes me that she was able to get the House to approve of her wearing it. When this was first approved a few months ago, I thought it was a step toward Sharia Law.

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She has the right to her freedom of religion. She does not have the right to push her religion and other things associated with her religious beliefs on others. She is entitled to her opinions and thoughts, but she is not entitled to take the personal belief she has about another religion and its people and condemn them.

Don’t you find it ironic how Omar fled here as a refugee but she continues to try and put the laws of her land into our free country, Women like this should not come here unless they truly want to be free, to become a US citizen they are supposed to love this country and obviously she does not!

She is supposed to be a US citizen, so she should know better. She was elected to represent the people of her state and NOT her beliefs with her religion. She is pretty pathetic saying the things she has said. She does not know the differences between church and state.

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Her remarks and behavior have been anti-American. One of her first actions in Congress was to write a letter to a federal judge demanding leniency in sentencing four Somali refugees convicted of trying to join ISIS to commit terrorist acts domestically against US citizens. It doesn’t get any more un-American than that! If she cared at all about the American citizens she was stupidly elected to represent, her focus would be on their well being and not the interests of Palestine and Muslim countries.

Look, folks, the left, and the radical Muslims are winning. They are framing the national debate. They have pretty much taken over the Democratic party. This is no fun and games. What they seek is to revolutionize America: to elevate Islam, and to create more open borders that will ensure a socialist one part welfare state.

If we don’t stop them, they will win. This means getting out and voting, donating time and mother, standing up to the left in very conversation and holding them accountable. Taking to the streets will be the next step.

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