Former NFL quarterback Joe Montana has been linked to William Singer, founder of Key Worldwide Foundation which took in nearly 25 million dollars between 2011-2018 helping rich families get their children into college without the red tape.

Montana claims he used Singer’s consulting services in a minimal role but his kids got into college under their merit and hard work, not some scheme.

Prosecutors need to offer this Singer character a deal (shorter sentence maybe, though not full immunity) and then let him start naming all the names. That will probably be the only way to identify ALL the rich cheaters.

Maybe the only way to find out if the likes of Montana and Phil Mickelson are telling the truth. I am sure it would be a bloodbath and probably worth letting Singer off easy. Maybe only with many rich names, named, will it be possible to disrupt this rich people’s ability to game the system.

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San Francisco 49ers legend Joe Montana wants fans to know his kids got into college based on “their hard work and their merit,” not because they falsified applications.

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The 62-year-old Montana was named as a client of William Singer — the man at the center of the college admissions scandal involving Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. Singer pleaded guilty to four charges Tuesday, including conspiracy to defraud the United States and racketeering conspiracy.

Montana, who was not among the individuals charged by federal prosecutors, said his family used Singer as a consultant, but did not engage in illegal activity.

First of all, just because he used that tutoring service does not “link” him to Mr. Singer. If that’s the case then tens of thousands of people are linked to him. And second, the media better be careful who they claim is “linked” to the scandal. We saw what happened to that kid in the MAGA hat and the Native American.

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Donations, endowments, bribery, etc., has been going on forever, since the beginning of civilization when it comes to admission to elite schools. This is an open secret. You have to be able to pay the tuition. These schools are there for rich peoples kids. I guess even the rich cheat one another since enrollment in the elite schools is limited every year.

I am shocked the FBI even bothered to investigate it and issued charges. Perhaps a rich person tipped them off because their kid didn’t get in the school of choice.

Either way, we are watching this play out.

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