Representatives Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi are trying to take back their Caucus in the House after they were humiliated by the Gang of Three over anti-Semitic rants by Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Both are trying to force the agenda by saying no to impeachment (for now) and no to Medicare for all, which is the rock this gang of three are trying to build their church. The elders are slapping the young’uns in public.

Some moderates say that the approach Ocasio-Cortez has taken on these topics has been unrealistic and it has left little room for the bipartisan compromise they promised voters during midterm campaigns.

They are also irritated at Ocasio-Cortez’s willingness to use her personal platform – nearly 3.5 million followers on Twitter and a nationwide following – to go after members of her own party. Even House progressives who like her policies don’t know what to make of her approach. [excerpt via USAToday]

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When Nancy’s daughter claimed she could cut off your head, without you knowing your bleeding, I do not think she considered the fact that the professional head choppers in the new Marxist Caucus would be her opponents.

The main problem for Hoyer and Pelosi are that the far, far left of their party has been too honest about what the Dems extreme is and want to accomplish. They know there is no way the majority of voters, especially those in the middle that won the elections for either party, are going to vote for Dem candidates with those insane and unaffordable policies.

The Dems typically lie about what they want to do and what it will cost, but her nutty caucus isn’t doing that which is giving her massive headaches and all kind of problems trying to reign them in. I am thrilled she can’t shut them up!

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When it takes Pelosi and Hoyer to say the Freshmen Dems are too far left basically, you know how far they’ve gone.

I recall 2007 and Neil Boortz worried that Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama would control the Executive and both Legislative. His concern was that they would shift far to the left, which they did. Now, those same positions that a mere decade ago were far left are they looking left at their party.

Get more popcorn, the show isn’t over.

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