2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Kamala Harris was speaking to a room of about 200 people in Iowa when I guess she said the first thing that came out of her mouth.

Harris said within the first 100 days of her Presidency; she would pass the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). This question was asked of Harris from an audience member who wanted to know her position regarding protecting women’s rights.

I know I am a man, but what women’s rights are under attack? They have taken over the Democratic Party and running that political organization any way they want. If they are in charge of the party, what is this inequality? Are they trying to take over the United States as a whole? Sorry, but that won’t happen.

You already have equality under the law. What you want is equality of outcomes, and that’s not what government is for. It’s not the government’s responsibility to make sure you succeed equally to a man, only to provide for the level playing field.

Harris was speaking at a live podcast taping in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the last in a packed weekend of events. About 200 people turned out to see Harris in conversation with three young progressive activists, a conversation that covered her positions on the War on Drugs and climate change, and the historic nature of her candidacy.


Here’s what the ERA says: Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Here’s what the ERA means: It would be easier to enforce equal pay laws, and protect women and girls from sexual harassment and assault, and secure their reproductive rights. In other words, the ERA would protect much of the progress our society has made toward gender equality, a pressing need in a time when women’s rights are under attack.

Why they’ve been so easy to attack: Women aren’t mentioned AT ALL in the Constitution, and they’re mentioned just once in the more than two dozen amendments to it-in the 19th Amendment, which guarantees their right to vote. That change was made a century ago, meaning the Constitution hasn’t been updated to reflect women’s rights since shortly after the invention of the bra. [via marieclaire.com]

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People of various “types” constantly complain about their rights. They have the rights, the same as everyone else. They want “privileges,” over the rest of us so that they can obtain a certain “status” above the rest of us. They want things “handed” to them.

We should note “equal” is not the same as the “same.” Equal is flexible, while “same” is not – it’s exact. Consider how our friends on the left could exploit that difference. As in requiring an employer to pay a woman with children more $$$ than a single male under the theory she requires more money to receive “equal pay.”

The left DOES NOT want equality. Their power is based primarily on making sure their base stays perpetually in victimhood whether they are victims or are not.

I’m all for women fighting and dying by the thousands in wars. I’m all for women building skyscrapers. I’m all for women in coal mines, commercial fishing, homebuilding, sewer line maintenance, roadbuilding, bridge building, and about 1000 other important modern industries. Where do I sign?

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