This is what happens when there are no good paying jobs in NYC, right Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Oh boy. Sen. Schumer is going to be angry at the DEA for busting one of these since he loves drugs pouring through our borders and allowing criminals to come into our nation.

Federal agents busted a heroin and fentanyl mill in an affluent New York City suburb and arrested five people, according to reports.

The bust Friday in the Westchester County town of Ardsley resulted in the seizure of five kilograms of fentanyl and six kilograms of heroin.

The fentanyl alone has the potency to kill nearly over 2 million people.” Ray Donovan of the Drug Enforcement Administration said, according to Westchester Journal News.

The DEA charged Braulio Mata, 31, Jose Garcia, 44, Yarly Mendoza-Delorbe, 20, Ramon Arcena Alfe, 47, and Dinnell Duarte Hernandez, 32, with possession of heroin and fentanyl.


In 2018, synthetic opioids, primarily illegal fentanyl, were involved in nearly 50 percent (19,413) opioid-related deaths, up from 14 percent (3,007) in 2010, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. [via Fox News]

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How much of this drug money is going into blue state political coffers, every major drug bust they make in my red state has it’s rooted in a Democrat state inner city. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have given the Mexican cartels control of our southern border because drugs and human trafficking are making their people rich, as always, follow the money.

Weak-minded and body lazy self-deprecating liberals need drugs and alcohol do get through life. What do you expect from a life based on the pursuit of freebies and mediocrity? If it’s not fentanyl, it will always be some other drug. If you want to stop this cycle you got to get rid of the demand; you got to get rid of the liberals.

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