This has the be the funniest clip I’ve seen yet today. MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski wasn’t given the notice of the report before she read it or she wouldn’t have sounded so surprised when she got to the “no more indictments.”

“Meanwhile, ABC News citing sources familiar with the investigation reporting that no more indictments are coming from the special counsel. The report also highlights a letter from Deputy Attorney general Rod Rosenstein, suggesting because the president has not been charged, he is unlikely to be condemned in Mueller’s report.”

I wonder how many miles of road we could’ve fixed, how many homeless we could’ve gotten into rehab, how many miles of wall we could’ve put up, what a waste of time and effort. How many minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years were wasted on concerns about Trump firing Mueller before he completed his work?

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It’ll be the same on the issue of impeachment. The vapid Leftists that permeate the MSM have expended more time and energy on the same hysterical talking points, and in the end, it will have all been for naught. Such meaningless lives they lead. And they won’t even learn a thing from today.

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I’m getting my popcorn ready for the inevitable accusations that Mueller himself is in bed with Trump and Putin, and therefore we need another special counsel to investigate the special counsel for collusion with Russia to cover up the collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

Did you see Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Friday evening? He was apoplectic. He insists that just because Mueller is not recommending any more indictments may mean it is just because under current DOJ policies a sitting president cannot be indicted.

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Think how stupid that expectation is. How could Mueller think he has something to indict the president on without indicting other co-conspirators. Remember Mueller’s investigation is regarding the Russian angle. All other crimes, either real or alleged have already had indictments brought, and none of them are for Russian collusion.

Wallace also said the Mueller investigation was legitimate because Trump fired Comey. Trump had the full constitutional authority to fire Comey for any reason. Who wrote the memo recommending firing Comey? Rod Rosenstein. The same clown who appointed Mueller. Rosenstein was both Mueller’s boss and a witness and possible “co-conspirator” if they were going after obstruction of justice. Wallace also said “process” crimes are severe. The process of crimes involving the Trump administration was Michael Flynn and George Papadopolous.


Both were for lying about things that were not illegal, and the FBI already knew what had been said and that it wasn’t illegal. What was the purpose of the questioning if not to catch them in a perjury trap. Wallace is really upset.

I hope that Mueller points out that there was no collusion but the DNC tried to setup Trump in the appearance of collusion with Fusion GPS. Man that would chap their hide

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